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Enterprise Systems

What We Do - In Detail

Our team supports a variety of both enterprise-level and special purpose systems and applications. We also maintain a number of processes related to system integrations for the purpose of data transfers, record loading, data extracts, etc.


Alma is our integrated library system, which went live in December 2014. It manages traditional library system modules such as cataloging, acquisitions, circulation (aka fulfillment), and serials. As a next-generation ILS, Alma also incorporates a link resolver module within the main system (see Link Resolver) and built-in functionality for managing electronic resource workflows. Alma is a hosted software system provided by ExLibris.

OneSearch (Primo)
OneSearch refers to the online discovery interface through which library users search for materials, as well as the underlying search engines and technology which powers the system. Primo is a hosted software system provided by ExLibris.

Primo Central
Primo Central is a centralized index containing hundreds of millions of scholarly research materials in electronic format. The content is available via the ‘OneSearch’ tab in Primo. Primo Central is managed through the Primo back-end interface.

Analytics / Data Warehouse
The Alma integrated library system pumps data into a data warehouse powered by the Oracle Business Intelligence platform, enabling us to provide custom reports to library faculty and staff.

ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan)
ILLiad is the resource sharing system which powers our Interlibrary Loan service. ILLiad is a hosted software solution provided by Atlas Systems.

Gobi (Monograph ordering)
Gobi is YBP’s ordering system for all types of materials. Our Systems Unit manages the sub-account record configurations and the necessary mapping profiles for loading Gobi records into Alma.

Binding System (Able)
ABLE is a web-based binding automation solution that helps manage the flow of materials between the library and the bindery.

Integrations with Other Campus Systems

Iris (Treasurer’s Office system)
Our unit maintains custom scripts for exchanging payment processing data with Iris, the campus-wide financial system built on the SAP platform. This program is referred to as A2I (“Alma to Iris”).

Banner (Bursar’s Office system)
We created and manage two ongoing automated processes. The first process sends library-level holds to Banner for patrons having outstanding fines totaling $5.00 or more. The second process sends fines of one year or older and more than $5.00 from Alma to Banner. Both of these processes are referred to as A2B (“Alma to Banner”).

Graduating Patron Update (Registrar’s Office)
Using data from the Registrar’s Office system, we manage a custom program that updates patron records in Alma by altering their expiration dates as well as changes due dates for items checked out.


Alma data extracts
On a regular basis we perform data extracts from Alma for a variety of outside entities such as HathiTrust and Rapid Subscription Service.

Alma record loads
Our unit maintains and manages a number of automated record loads (aka Import Profiles) in Alma. This includes the YBP/Promptcat MARC records for firm and approval plans, YBP MARC record for electronic records, the Ebrary DDA profile records, YBP EOCR (brief) records, etc. We also maintain EDI record loads for both YBP and Harrassowitz.

Custom programs
Our unit creates a number of custom programs and services used by the campus community. These programs include the Course Reserves system, faculty study checkout, graduate carrel checkout, new book feeds, etc.

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