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Lindola is the Course Reserve Management System offered by the University of Tennessee Libraries to assist teaching faculty and staff with managing their course reserve list(s).

To access Lindola you must have an account with the UT Libraries. If you do not have a UT Libraries account you will need to set one up before being able to use Lindola. Unless you are brand new to the University you should typically be able to login with your UT NetID and Password.

For further assistance please contact the UT Libraries Public Services Department at 865-974-4351.

Use the "Add Course" link to create a new course. You will need to specify the library that your course materials will be made available at, the academic department that your course belongs to, the course number, and the semester information that your course materials will be active. You can also specify if the materials you are managing are for a specific class or for an entire department (though, this is not very common).

Use the "Activate Course" link to activate a course. When you activate a course you need to select the year and semester that you want your course activated for. Activating a course will activate ALL items on your list. If you wish to update your course listing materials please update the list before selecting it for activation.

Use the "Delete Course" link to delete a course. When you delete a course it will remove ALL items from the course list, you do not need to remove the individual items first before deleting a course. Only delete a course you do not plan to teach anymore. If you want to keep the list for later use then simply let it age to INACTIVE at the end of the semester and you can activate the list at a later time.

Beside the name on courses there is an "Manage List" link. Clicking this link will allow you to add new entries to your list or delete entries from your list.

Lindola is a UT Library wide course reserve management system. You must assign your course list to a library so the system knows who needs to process your course reserve list(s). If you see 'Select Library' in the details area for your course then you need to click the 'Select Library' link and assign your course to a library where your materials will be housed at.

On your main page in Lindola where each class you have is listed, there is a summary area. In that summary area is a list of instructors assigned to your class list. Under the list of instructors is a link that says "Add Instructor". Click that link and then input the UT NetID of the person you wish to give access to. Once you give access to another person you cannot automatically delete their access through Lindola; you will have to contact the library branch where your class materials are stored at and request that they delete the individual from your class list.

Lindola is a Course Reserve Management System that ties in directly with our main library management system. When you make changes to your list in Lindola you are making real-time changes inside our library management system as well. However, some actions you make require staff to do manual processing. An example of this is when you requeest a new library book to be placed on reserve for your class, a staff member must retrieve that book from the library stacks and process it for placement on our reserve stacks. When you see the message 'This course is currently being processed by library staff' that means there are tasks pending that need to be handled by library staff. If you have recently added new items and are unable to locate them in OneSearch then it is possible that the item has not yet been processed.

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