Sociology New Books

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A Weberian Analysis of Business Groups and Financial Markets : Trade Relations in Taiwan and Korea and some Major Stock Exchanges. Segre, Sandro, author. HM548
A philosophy of belonging : persons, politics, cosmos Greenaway, James. HM1033
A punkhouse in the Deep South : the oral history of 309 Cometbus, Aaron, 1968- author. HM646 .C66 2021
Affective formation of publics : places, networks, and media HM1033
Algorithmic intimacy : the digital revolution in personal relationships Elliott, Anthony, 1964- author. HM1106 .E445 2023
Ambiguity in organization theory : from intrinsic to strategic perspectives Cappellaro, Giulia, author. HM711 .C36 2023
An ugly truth : inside Facebook's battle for domination Frenkel, Sheera, author. HM743.F33 F74 2021
Anonymous : the performance of hidden identities DeGloma, Thomas, author. HM1111
Arts-based methods for decolonising participatory research HM520 .A695 2021
Being present : commanding attention at work (and at home) by managing your social presence Turner, Jeanine, author. HM1166 .T875 2022
Belonging : the science of creating connection and bridging divides Cohen, Geoffrey L. author. (Geoffrey Lawrence), HM1111 .C637 2022
Belonging at work : everyday actions you can take to cultivate an inclusive organization Perry, Rhodes, author. HM1111 .P48 2018
Bruno Latour : hybrid thoughts in a hybrid world Blok, Anders. HM585
Building cultural competence : innovative activities and models HM1211
Contemporary sociological theory and its classical roots : the basics Ritzer, George, author. HM586 .R58 2022
Critical theory from the margins : horizons of possibility in the age of extremism Ahmed, Saladdin, 1972- author. HM480
Crowds : ethnographic encounters HM871
Data duped : how to avoid being hoodwinked by misinformation Gibson, Derek W., 1968- author. HM1231
Defining the age : Daniel Bell, his time and ours HM479.B445 A3 2022
Designing quality survey questions Robinson, Sheila B., 1964- author. HM538
Developing cross-cultural competence for leaders : a guide Thomas, Joseph J., author. HM1261
Development, social change and environmental sustainability : proceedings of the International Conference on Contemporary Sociology and Educational Transformation (ICCSET 2020), Malang, Indonesia, 23 September 2020 International Conference on Contemporary Sociology and Educational Transformation (Webinar) Online), (2020 : creator. HM831
Dialogues, dramas, and emotions : essays in interactionist sociology Perinbanayagam, R. S., 1934- author. HM1111 .P4775 2023
Digital detox : why taking a break from technology can improve your well-being Schell, Bernadette H. 1952- author. (Bernadette Hlubik), HM851 .S249 2022
Diversity and empires : negotiating plurality in European imperial projects from early modernity Heijmans, Elisabeth, author. HM1271
Elias Canetti and social theory : the bond of creation Mubi Brighenti, Andrea, author. HM585 .M83 2023
Elite capture : how the powerful took over identity politics (and everything else) Táíwò, Olúfẹmi O., author. HM753
Essentials of social psychology : an Indian perspective Mangal, S. K., 1940- author. HM1027
Feeling terrified? : the emotions of online violent extremism Waldek, Lise, author. HM886 .W35 2021
From society to system : the social theory of Michel Freitag Freitag, Michel, 1935- author. HM477
Habit's pathways : repetition, power, conduct Bennett, Tony, 1947- author. HM621
Individual strategy and social structure : an evolutionary theory of institutions Young, H. Peyton, 1945- HM131 .Y64 1998
Information, security and society in the COVID-19 pandemic HM851
Intergenerational family relations : an evolutionary social science approach Tanskanen, Antti O., author. HM726
Intersectionality : foundations and frontiers HM571 .I56 2019
Introduction to intergroup dialogues HM751 .I58 2021
Introduction to leadership : concepts and practice Northouse, Peter G., author. HM1261 .N667 2021
Justice, care, and value : a values-driven theory of care ethics Randall, Thomas E., author. HM665
Kin, people or nation? : on European political identities Neumann, Victor, author. HM753 .N4813 2021
Let this radicalize you : organizing and the revolution of reciprocal care Hayes, Kelly E., 1968- author. HM883 .H69 2023
Living legacies of social injustice : power, time and social change HM671
Locating imagination in popular culture : place, tourism and belonging HM621 .L64 2021
Locating imagination in popular culture : place, tourism and belonging Es, Nicky van, 1988- editor. HM621
Love and organization : lessons of love for human dignity, leadership and motivation HM786
Making space for justice : social movements, collective imagination, and political hope Moody-Adams, Michele M., author. HM881 .M666 2022
Manual for developing intercultural competencies : story circles Deardorff, Darla K., author. HM1211
Memes, history and emotional life Barclay, Katie, author. HM742
Models of social intervention and constructionism : current narratives HM1093
Moral minefields : how sociologists debate good science Dromi, Shai M., author. HM571
Morality made visible : Edward Westermarck's moral and social theory Pipatti, Otto, author. HM585
Multiculturalism and the nation in Germany : a study in moral conflict Carls, Paul, author. HM1271
Organizations : rational, natural, and open systems Scott, W. Richard. HM131 .S385 2003
Our tribal future : how to channel our foundational human instincts into a force for good Samson, David Ryan, author. HM866 .S26 2023
Performative intergenerational dialogues of a black quartet : qualitative inquiries on race, gender, sexualities, and culture Alexander, Bryant Keith, 1963- author. HM726
Performing institutions : contested sites and structures of care / edited by Anja Mølle Lindelof and Shauna Janssen. HM711 .P474 2023
Popular culture in everyday life : a critical introduction Soukup, Charles, author. HM621
Post-philosophical sociology : Eliasian perspectives on the sociology of knowledge Kilminster, Richard, author. HM585
Public relations cases : international perspectives HM1221
Public relations theory III : in the age of publics Botan, Carl H., editor. HM1221 .P826 2023
Punk identities, punk utopias : global punk and media HM646 .P865 2021
Radical war : data, attention and control in the twenty-first century Ford, Matthew C., author. HM554 .F67 2022
Reciprocal relationships and wellbeing : implications for social work and social policy HM1106
Reconciliation and reification : freedoms semblance and actuality from Hegel to contemporary critical theory Hedrick, Todd, 1978- author. HM480 .H44 2019
Regional leadership in post-Soviet Eurasia : the strategies of Russia, China and the European Union HM1261
Resilience, adaptive peacebuilding and transitional justice : how societies recover after collective violence HM1116 .R475 2021
Risk Lupton, Deborah, author. HM1101
Routledge handbook of ignorance studies HM651
Social behavior as resource exchange : explorations into the Societal structures of the mind HM1106
Social media theory and communications practice Lehmann, Whitney author. (Whitney S.), HM741
Social movements Staggenborg, Suzanne, author. HM881 .S724 2022
Social movements and everyday acts of resistance : solidarity in a changing world HM881
Social theory Cole, G. D. H. 1889-1959, author. (George Douglas Howard), HM585
Sociology of Law as the Science of Norms. Hydén, Håkan, 1945- HM676
Southern theory : the global dynamics of knowledge in the social sciences Connell, Raewyn, 1944- HM461
Spatial transformations : kaleidoscopic perspectives on the refiguration of spaces HM654
Strategic social media as activism : repression, resistance, rebellion, reform HM742
Surveillance, privacy and security : citizens' perspectives HM846
Talking to strangers : what we should know about the people we don't know Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963- author. HM1106 .G58 2019
The Anthropocene reviewed : essays on a human-centered planet Green, John, 1977- author. HM621 .G735 2021
The Ethics of Interpersonal Relationships. Catlett, Joyce. HM1106
The Visual Memory of Protest HM883
The end of bias : a beginning : the science and practice of overcoming unconscious bias Nordell, Jessica, author. HM1091 .N67 2021
The foundations of social research : meaning and perspective in the research process Crotty, Michael, author. HM511
The future internet : how the metaverse, web 3.0, and blockchain will transform business and society Marr, Bernard, author. HM851
The generation myth : why when you're born matters less than you think Duffy, Bobby, author. HM711 .D84 2021
The heritage of war HM554
The just practice framework in action : contemporary case studies HM671 .J877 2022
The language of transition in leadership : your calling as a leader in a world of change Wielink, Jakob van, author. HM1261
The myth of individualism : how social forces shape our lives Callero, Peter L., author. HM1276 .C35 2023
The new individualism : the emotional costs of globalization Elliott, Anthony, 1964- HM1276
The new politics of visibility : spaces, actors, practices and technologies in the visible HM1226 .N49 2022
The new pragmatist sociology : inquiry, agency, and democracy HM585 .N463 2022
The politics of uncertainty : challenges of transformation HM1101
The power of nothing to lose : the Hail Mary effect in politics, war, and business Silber, William L. author. HM1101 .S553 2021
The purpose of power : how we come together when we fall apart Garza, Alicia, 1981- author. HM881 .G37 2021
The quiet before : on the unexpected origins of radical ideas Beckerman, Gal, author. HM883 .B43 2022
The sane society Fromm, Erich, 1900-1980. HM1251
The story of propaganda in 50 images Welch, David, 1950- author. HM1231 .W38 2022
This body that inhabits me Rossanda, Rossana, author. HM636 .R67 2022
Transcending modernity with relational thinking Donati, Pierpaolo, 1946- author. HM1111
Transformative civic engagement through community organizing Avila, Maria, 1955- author. HM766
True believers and the great replacement understanding anomie and alienation Walle, Alf H., author. HM1131
Understanding Russianness HM1027
VIBRANT ORGANISATION the science of scaling enthusiasm to transform performance. Wardley, Duncan. HM791
Visual sociology Harper, Douglas A., author. HM500
Why humans fight : the social dynamics of close-range violence Malešević, Siniša, author. HM1116 .M356 2022
Work pray code : when work becomes religion in Silicon Valley Chen, Carolyn, 1971- author. HM791 .C44 2022
Workplace culture matters : developing leaders who respect people and deliver robust results Camp, Robert B., author. HM791
You are changing the world : whether you like it or not LaMotte, David, author. HM831