Sociology New Books

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A punkhouse in the Deep South : the oral history of 309 Cometbus, Aaron, 1968- author. HM646 .C66 2021
Algorithmic intimacy : the digital revolution in personal relationships Elliott, Anthony, 1964- author. HM1106 .E445 2023
Attraction of knowledge celebrities : how they motivate users to pay for knowledge? Xiaoyu, Chen, 1991- author. HM851
Belonging : the science of creating connection and bridging divides Cohen, Geoffrey L. author. (Geoffrey Lawrence), HM1111 .C637 2022
Belonging at work : everyday actions you can take to cultivate an inclusive organization Perry, Rhodes, author. HM1111 .P48 2018
Beyond data : reclaiming human rights at the dawn of the metaverse Renieris, Elizabeth M., author. HM851
Beyond quick fixes : addressing the complexity & uncertainties of contemporary society Rouse, William B., author. HM831
City of equals Wolff, Jonathan, author. HM821
Civil Society Elites : Exploring the Composition, Reproduction, Integration, and Contestation of Civil Society Actors at the Top. Johansson, Håkan, 1972- HM706
Collective memory narratives in contemporary culture HM1033
Community and the Problem of Crime Evans, Karen. HM756
Contemporary sociological theory and its classical roots : the basics Ritzer, George, author. HM586 .R58 2022
Crisis under critique : how people assess, transform, and respond to critical situations HM1121 .C775 2022
Critical mass : how one thing leads to another Ball, Philip, 1962- HM585 .B35 2006
Critical participatory inquiry : an interdisciplinary guide Call-Cummings, Meagan, author. HM520 .C35 2024
Crystallizing public opinion Bernays, Edward L., 1891-1995, author. HM263 .B395 2023
Cultural governance : current and future European perspectives HM621
Defining the age : Daniel Bell, his time and ours HM479.B445 A3 2022
Dialogues, dramas, and emotions : essays in interactionist sociology Perinbanayagam, R. S., 1934- author. HM1111 .P4775 2023
Digital detox : why taking a break from technology can improve your well-being Schell, Bernadette H. 1952- author. (Bernadette Hlubik), HM851 .S249 2022
Digital hate : the global conjuncture of extreme speech HM851 .D533 2021
Digital knowledge : a philosophical investigation Carter, J. Adam, 1980- author. HM851
Digital madness : how social media is driving our mental health crisis - and how to restore our sanity Kardaras, Nicholas, 1964- author. HM742 .K373 2022
Drugs, identity and stigma Addison, Michelle HM1131
EcoJustice Education : Toward Diverse, Democratic, and Sustainable Communities. Martusewicz, Rebecca A. HM861
Everything must change : philosophical lessons from lockdown Bufacchi, Vittorio, 1957- author. HM831 .B84 2021
Frantz Fanon's Psychotherapeutic Approaches to Clinical Work : Practicing Internationally with Marginalized Communities. Turner, Lou. HM251
From critical race theory to critical religion theory Labisch, Diana, author. HM1271 .L23 2023
Hope amidst conflict : philosophical and psychological explorations Leshem, Oded Adomi, author. HM1126
How to think better about social justice : why good sociology matters Campbell, Bradley Keith, author. HM671
ISIS' PROPAGANDA MACHINE global mediated terrorism. Al-Rawi, Ahmed. HM1231
Ideology and the microfoundations of conflict : from human needs to intergroup violence Müller, Veronika, author. HM641
Instructed and instructive actions : the situated production, reproduction, and subversion of social order HM1111
Interpreting intersectionality : interpretative politics in metacommentaries Hoffart, Amund Rake, author. HM488.5
Intersectionality as critical social theory Hill Collins, Patricia, author. HM488.5 .H56 2019
Introduction to intergroup dialogues HM751 .I58 2021
Justice matters Ladson-Billings, Gloria, author. HM671
Kin, people or nation? : on European political identities Neumann, Victor, author. HM753 .N4813 2021
Knowing what we know : the transmission of knowledge, from ancient wisdom to modern magic Winchester, Simon, author. HM651 .W46 2023
Living with health inequalities : upstream-downstream connections Rogers, Anne, 1957- author. HM821
Locating imagination in popular culture : place, tourism and belonging HM621 .L64 2021
Mapping the stars : celebrity, metonymy, and the networked politics of identity King, Claire Sisco, author. HM621
Methodological individualism : introduction and founding texts Bulle, Nathalie, author. HM1276
New approaches to inequality research with youth : theorizing race beyond the traditions of our disciplines HM821
Objectification and standardization : on the limits and effects of ritually fixing and measuring life HM1033 .O265 2021
Our tribal future : how to channel our foundational human instincts into a force for good Samson, David Ryan, author. HM866 .S26 2023
Outrage machine : how tech is amplifying discontent, undermining democracy, and pushing us towards chaos Rose-Stockwell, Tobias, author. HM742
Performing institutions : contested sites and structures of care / edited by Anja Mølle Lindelof and Shauna Janssen. HM711 .P474 2023
Philippine digital cultures : brokerage dynamics on YouTube Soriano, Cheryll Ruth R., 1977- author. HM742 .S67 2022
Political ecology of common people Bidet, Jacques, author. HM706
Postmodernity Smart, Barry, author. HM73
Public relations campaigns : an integrated approach Luttrell, Regina, 1975- author. HM1221 .L878 2022
Public relations theory III : in the age of publics Botan, Carl H., editor. HM1221 .P826 2023
Punk identities, punk utopias : global punk and media HM646 .P865 2021
Quest for identity : gender, land and migration in contemporary Jharkhand Rao, Nitya, author. HM753
Radical war : data, attention and control in the twenty-first century Ford, Matthew C., author. HM554 .F67 2022
Recommendations for Experimental Research Designs With Multiple Sessions Ayers, Bailey author. HM511
Reconciliation and reification : freedoms semblance and actuality from Hegel to contemporary critical theory Hedrick, Todd, 1978- author. HM480 .H44 2019
Reintroducing Gabriel Tarde Tonkonoff, Sergio, author. HM479
Reintroducing Marcel Mauss Papilloud, Christian, author. HM479
Self, identity, and collective action Tremblay, Francine, author. HM866
Social Media and Crowdsourcing Application and Analytics. Chatterjee, Sujoy. HM741
Social media in the lives of young connected migrants : making and unmaking boundaries Zhao, Xinyu, author. HM851
Social movement discourse : an introduction Dijk, Teun A. van, 1943- author. HM881
Sociology and the Holocaust : a discipline grapples with history Berger, Ronald J., author. HM585
Sociology of law as the science of norms Hydén, Håkan, author. HM676 .H93 2022
Strength in numbers : how polls work and why we need them Morris, G. Elliott author. (George Elliott), HM1236 .M675 2022
TRADITION AND INNOVATION the idea of civilization as culture and its significance. Wilson, H. T. HM101
The Authentic Leader : Using the Meisner Technique for Embracing the Values of Truthful Leadership. Sparks, Royce. HM1261
The case for cancel culture : how this democratic tool works to liberate us all Owens, Ernest, author. HM1176 .O94 2023
The cognitive foundations of classical sociological theory McVeigh, Ryan, author. HM585
The connected species : how the evolution of the human brain can save the world Williams, Mark A. (Neuroscientist), author. HM771 .W55 2023
The end of bias : a beginning : the science and practice of overcoming unconscious bias Nordell, Jessica, author. HM1091 .N67 2021
The generation myth : why when you're born matters less than you think Duffy, Bobby, author. HM711 .D84 2021
The myth of individualism : how social forces shape our lives Callero, Peter L., author. HM1276 .C35 2023
The new politics of visibility : spaces, actors, practices and technologies in the visible HM1226 .N49 2022
The new pragmatist sociology : inquiry, agency, and democracy HM585 .N463 2022
The origins of unfairness : social categories and cultural evolution O'Connor, Cailin, author. HM821 .O654 2019
The perennials : the megatrends creating a postgenerational society Guillén, Mauro F., author. HM721 .G85 2023
The politics of silence, voice and the in-between : exploring gender, race and insecurity from the margins HM1136
The spaces of public issues : how social media discourses shape public imaginations of issue spatiality Stoltenberg, Daniela, author. HM742
The sweet spot : the pleasures of suffering and the search for meaning Bloom, Paul, 1963- author. HM1033 .B62 2021
Today's struggles, tomorrow's revolution : Afro-Caribbean liberatory thought Cornell, Drucilla, author. HM1121 .C675 2023
Toward a Hayekian theory of social change HM831
Understanding Everyday Communicative Interactions : Introduction to Situated Discourse Analysis for Communication Sciences and Disorders. Hengst, Julie A. HM1166
Urban violence : security, imaginary, atmosphere Pavoni, Andrea, author. HM886
Using Media for Social Innovation. Podkalicka, Aneta. HM1206
Violence and inequality : an archaeological history HM1116
Work pray code : when work becomes religion in Silicon Valley Chen, Carolyn, 1971- author. HM791 .C44 2022
Wrong : how media, politics, and identity drive our appetite for misinformation Young, Dannagal Goldthwaite, 1976- author. HM753 .Y67 2023