Nursing New Books

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"CLOSING THE GAP", ADDRESSING THE DISPARITY OF INFANT MORTALITY AMONG AFRICAN-AMERICAN AND... WHITE INFANTS : approaches for clinicians and polic. Maryland. Expert Panel on African-American/White Infant Mortality Gap.; MARYLAND, STATE OF. RJ60.U52 M37 2018
A Manual for Evidence-Based CBT Supervision. Milne, Derek L. RC489
A pocket guide to risk assessment and risk management Hart, Christopher, 1956- author. RC454.4
ACSM's guidelines for exercise testing and prescription American College of Sports Medicine, author, issuing body. RC684.E9 A37 2022
Aesthetic gynecology rejuvenation. RG104
Anglo-Saxon remedies, charms, and prayers from British Library Ms Harley 585 : the Lacnunga R128 .L3312 2001
Anglo-Saxon remedies, charms, and prayers from British Library Ms Harley 585 : the Lacnunga R128 .L3312 2001
Applied epigenetics for mental health professionals Edeh, Onoriode, author. RC455.4.G4 E34 2024
Art psychotherapy and innovation : new territories, techniques and technologies RC489.A7 A735 2022
Art therapy in a learning disability setting : subjectivity and institutional life Tipple, Robin, author. RC394
Binocular vision : an inquiry into psychoanalytic techniques and field theory Molinari, Elena, 1960- author. RC506
Biological and neurobehavioral studies of borderline personality disorder RC569.5.B67 B56 1994
Biomedical Data Mining for Information Retrieval : Methodologies, Techniques, and Applications. Dash, Sujata. R855.2
Blood orange night : my journey to the edge of madness Bond, Melissa author. (Melissa A.), RC548 .B66 2022
Body psychotherapy : a theoretical foundation for clinical practice Geuter, Ulfried, 1950- author. RC489
Case Reports in Cardiology Valvular Heart Disease. Roberts, William C. RC685
Case reports in cardiology. RC685
Clinical manual of child and adolescent psychopharmacology RJ504.7 .C558 2024
Communicating about health : current issues and perspectives DuPré, Athena, author. R118 .D87 2021
Corpus linguistics for health communication : a guide for research Brookes, Gavin (Linguist), author. R118
Coulometric electrode array detectors for HPLC R857
Davis advantage for understanding medical-surgical nursing Williams, Linda S. RT41 .W576 2023
Davis's diseases and disorders : a nursing therapeutics manual Sommers, Marilyn Sawyer, author. RT51 .S66 2023
Dealing with emotional problems using rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) : a client's guide Dryden, Windy, author. RC489
Decoding delusions : a clinician's guide to working with delusions and other extreme beliefs RC553.D35 D43 2024
Decolonial psychology : toward anticolonial theories, research, training, and practice RC455
Deliberate practice in rational emotive behavior therapy Terjesen, Mark D. author. (Mark David), RC489.R3 T447 2023
Digitizing diagnosis : medicine, minds, and machines in twentieth-century America Lea, Andrew S. 1992- author. (Andrew Scott), RC78.7.D35 L44 2023
Eating disorders in public discourse : exploring media representations and lived experiences RC552.E18 E283 2023
Elements of moral experience in clinical ethics training and practice : sharing stories with strangers Bartlett, Virginia Latham, author. R724
Food policy and practice in early childhood education and care : children, practitioners, and parents in an English nursery Vaghi, Francesca, author. RJ206
From economics to psychology : a quantitative study on medical decision-making in cancer patients Yi-Ting, Tang, author. R723.5
From loss to memory : behind the discovery of synaptic pruning Huttenlocher, Anna, author. RC339.52.H88 H88 2023
Getting past the affair : a program to help you cope, heal, and move on--together or apart Snyder, Douglas K., author. RC488.5 .S627 2023
Guidelines for perioperative practice RD32.3 .G853 2023
Handbook of Diabetes. Bilous, Rudy. RC660.4
IMPROVING HEALTH FOR BETTER FUTURE LIFE strengthening from basic science to clinical research. International Conference on Health, Technology, and Life Science Surakarta, Indonesia). 2022 : (3rd : R850
In-patient mental health care from the asylum system to the present day : a lived experience of policy and practice Colley, Andrew (Teacher), author. RC450
Learning DSM-5 by case example First, Michael B., 1956- author. RC473.D54 F555 2017
Lung biology and pathophysiology RC711
Madness at the movies : understanding mental illness through film Charney, James, 1946- author. RC454.4 .C43 2023
Making sense of medicine : material culture and the reproduction of medical knowledge R735 .M35 2022
Mastering competencies in family therapy : a practical approach to theory and clinical case documentation Gehart, Diane R., 1969- author. RC488.5 .G4185 2024
Medical writings from early medieval England R128.6 .M435 2023
Medical-surgical nursing : concepts and practice Stromberg, Holly, author. RT41 .D445 2023
Mental health, racism, and contemporary challenges of being Black in America RC451.5.B53 M46 2024
Mentoring in Nursing and Healthcare : Supporting Career and Personal Development. Woolnough, Helen M. RT86.45
Midwives in history and society Towler, Jean RG950
Mind museums : former asylums and the heritage of mental health Lanz, Francesca, 1980- author. R891
Mind museums : former asylums and the heritage of mental health Lanz, Francesca, 1980- author. R891
Minding the body, mending the mind Borysenko, Joan. RC489.M53 B67 2007
My father's brain : life in the shadow of Alzheimer's Jauhar, Sandeep, 1968- author. RC523 .J384 2023
NCLEX-RN for Dummies with Online Practice Tests. Sommer, Rhoda L. RT55
OBJECT RELATIONS THEORIES AND PSYCHOPATHOLOGY a comprehensive text. Summers, Frank, author. RC455.4
Occupational therapy for children with DME or twice exceptionality : a practical approach to support high learning potential, sensory processing differences and self-regulation Ferreira, Mariza, author. RJ53
Pox romana : the plague that shook the Roman world Elliott, Colin P., 1982- author. RC178
Probability modeling and statistical inference in cancer screening Wu, Dongfeng (College teacher), author. RC270
Professional issues and ethics in physical therapy : a case-based approach Kirsch, Nancy R., author. R725.5 .K57 2024
Prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD : emotional processing of traumatic experiences : therapist guide Foa, Edna B., author. RC552
Psychiatry disrupted : theorizing resistance and crafting the (r)evolution RC437.5 .P79 2014
Psychotherapy skills and methods that work RC480.8
Recognising, understanding and treating nameless states : a psychoanalytic exploration Nissen, Bernd, 1959- author. RC506
Resource manual for nursing research : generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice Polit, Denise F., author. RT81.5 .P64 2021
Safeguarding Physician Wellbeing Using Checklists for Personal, Professional, and Psychological Safety. Wei, Julie L. R707
Searching for a rose garden : challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies RC437.5 .S43 2016
Solution-focused therapy : the basics Dolan, Yvonne, 1951- author. RC489
Somatic movement dance therapy : the healing art of self-regulation and co-regulation Williamson, Amanda, author. RC489.D3 W55 2023
Stillbirth and miscarriage, a life-changing loss : 'say my baby's name' / Dr. Anne Tracey, series editor: Dr. Marie Murray . Tracey, Anne, author. RG631 .T73 2022
Systemic diagnosis : the application of family systems theory Priest, Jacob Bird, author. RC488.5
Taking care : the story of nursing and its power to change our world DiGregorio, Sarah, author. RT31 .D547 2023
Terrifying transferences : aftershocks of childhood trauma Hedges, Lawrence E. RC489.T73 H43 2000
Textbook of assisted reproductive techniques RG133.5
Textbook of assisted reproductive techniques. RG133.5
The battle for your brain : defending the right to think freely in the age of neurotechnology Farahany, Nita A., author. RC343 .F37 2023
The deepest well : healing the long-term effects of childhood trauma and adversity Burke Harris, Nadine, 1975- author. RJ506.P66 B87 2021
The final FRCA critical reading questions : a practical study guide Combeer, Elizabeth, author. RD81
The in-between : unforgettable encounters during life's final moments Vlahos, Hadley, author. RT87.T45 V53 2023
The it's not about the sex workbook : moving from isolation to intimacy after sexual compulsivity Susskind, Andrew (Social worker), author. RC560
The plague : living death in our times Rose, Jacqueline, author. RC171 .R57 2023b
The polio crusade RC181.W9 P655 2009
The thin woman : feminism, post-structuralism, and the social psychology of anorexia nervosa Malson, Helen, 1965- RC552
Therapeutic presence : a mindful approach to effective therapeutic relationships Geller, Shari M., author. RC489.M55 G45 2023
Tradition and change in psychoanalysis Schafer, Roy. RC506
Trauma, Psychopathology, and Violence : Causes, Consequences, or Correlates? Widom, Cathy Spatz. RC552
Trauma, resilience, and posttraumatic growth in frontline personnel RC552
Ultimate speech sounds : eliciting sounds using 3D animation Beckett, Kate (Speech therapist), author. RJ496
Understanding mental disorders : your guide to DSM-5-TR RC467 .U57 2024
Value of information for healthcare decision making R723.5
We'll fight it out here : a history of the ongoing struggle for health equity Chanoff, David, author. R695 .C43 2022
Williams textbook of endocrinology. RC648 .T46 2020