Leisure Reading New Books

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TitleAuthorCall Number
10 things that never happened Hall, Alexis J., author. PR6108.A453 A14 2023
7fates. HYBE (Firm), creator. PN6790.K64 A33413 2023
A business proposal Haehwa, author. PN6790.K64 H3413 2023
Arya Khanna's Bollywood moment Avachat, Arushi, author. PS3622.V33 A79 2024
Assistant to the villain Maehrer, Hannah Nicole, author. PS3613.A2945 A88 2023
Avatar, the last Airbender : Smoke and shadow Yang, Gene Luen, author. PN6728.A896 Y3676 2021
Avatar, the last Airbender : the promise Yang, Gene Luen, author. PN6728.A896 Y3667 2021
Avatar, the last airbender. Yang, Gene Luen, author. PZ7.7.Y35 Sed 2020
Black paradox Itō, Junji, 1963- author, illustrator. PN6790.J33 I865313 2022
Blackouts : a novel Torres, Justin, 1980- author. PS3620.O5897 B55 2023
Bookshops & bonedust Baldree, Travis, 1977- author. PS3602.A59529 B66 2023
Bright young women Knoll, Jessica, author. PS3611.N64 B75 2023
Cleat cute : a novel Wilsner, Meryl, author. PS3623.I577777 C57 2023
Cowboy Bebop. Watters, Dan, writer. PN6728.C6933 W38 2022
Dark moon. HYBE (Firm), author. PN6790.K64 D37313 2023
Divine rivals : a novel Ross, Rebecca author. (Rebecca J.), PS3618.O84685 D58 2023
Don't want you like a best friend : a novel Alban, Emma R., author. PS3601.L33415 D66 2024
Elon Musk Isaacson, Walter, author. HC102.5.M88 I8318 2023
Familia Rico, Lauren E., author. PS3618.I383 F36 2024
Family meal Washington, Bryan, 1993- author. PS3623.A86737 F36 2023
Game on Glass, Seressia, author. PS3557.L345 G36 2023
Girl gone viral : a novel Rai, Alisha, author. PS3618.A3846 G57 2020
Grandmaster of demonic cultivation = Mo dao zu shi Moxiangtongxiu, author. PL2949.7.O95 M613 2021
Grandmaster of demonic cultivation = Mo dao zu shi : the comic Luo Di Cheng Qiu, illustrator. PN6790.C44 M613 2022
Grandmaster of demonic cultivation = Mo dao zu shi : the comic Luo Di Cheng Qiu, illustrator. PN6790.C44 M613 2022
Gwen & Art are not in love Croucher, Lex, author. PR6103.R673 G84 2023
Happiness falls : a novel Kim, Angie, 1969- author. PS3611.I45286 H37 2023
He who drowned the world Parker-Chan, Shelley, author. PR9619.4.P369 H4 2023
Heartstopper Oseman, Alice, author, artist. PN6737.O84 H43 2019
Her radiant curse Lim, Elizabeth, author. PS3612.I456 H47 2023
House of flame and shadow Maas, Sarah J., author. PS3613.A175 H684 2024
How to say Babylon : a memoir Sinclair, Safiya, author. PS3619.I56847 Z46 2023b
I hope this doesn't find you Liang, Ann (Young adult author), author. PR9619.4.L53 I5 2024
Iris Kelly doesn't date Blake, Ashley Herring, author. PS3602.L3413 I75 2023
Iron flame Yarros, Rebecca, author. PS3625.A7384 I76 2023
Jungle juice Hyeong, Eun, author. PN6790.K64 C4613 2023
Jungle juice Hyeong, Eun, author. PN6790.K64 C4613 2023
Kasher in the rye : the true tale of a white boy from Oakland who became a drug addict, criminal, mental patient, and then turned 16 Kasher, Moshe, author. PN2287.K26 A3 2023
Land of milk and honey Zhang, C Pam, author. PS3626.H35 L36 2023
Like a butterfly suu Morishita (Mangaka group), author. PN6790.J34 H53513 2023
Loaded : the life (and afterlife) of the Velvet Underground Jones, Dylan, 1960- author. ML421.V44 J66 2023
Love in winter Wonderland Bello, Abiola, author. PR6102.E4556 L6 2023
Love's in sight! Uoyama (Mangaka), author, artist. PN6790.J34 Y36 2023
Lumine Krogell, Emma, author, illustrator. PN6790.F5 L86 2023
Mimi's tales of terror Itō, Junji, 1963- author, artist. PN6790.J33 I865513 2023
My roommate is a vampire Levine, Jenna, author. PS3612.E92389 M9 2023
Never whistle at night : an Indigenous dark fiction anthology PS647.I5 N48 2023
No longer human Itō, Junji, 1963- author, artist. PN6790.J33 I86513 2019
Noblesse Son, Che-ho, author. PN6790.K64 N6313 2023
None of this is true : a novel Jewell, Lisa, author. PR6060.E95 N66 2023
Normal rules don't apply : stories Atkinson, Kate, author. PR6051.T56 N67 2023
Omniscient reader's viewpoint. Singsyong, author. PN6790.K63 S57 2023 v. 01
On Earth we're briefly gorgeous : a novel Vuong, Ocean, 1988- author. PS3622.U96 O52 2019
Out there screaming : an anthology of new Black horror PS648.H6 O98 2023
Poverty, by America Desmond, Matthew, author. HC110.P6 D46 2023
Prophet song Lynch, Paul, 1977- author. PR6112.Y534 P76 2023
Rouge : a novel Awad, Mona, author. PS3601.W35 R68 2023
Second chances in New Port Stephen : a novel Alexander, T. J., author. PS3601.L3559 S43 2023
Solito : a memoir Zamora, Javier, author. HV640.5.S24 Z366 2023
Songs of Irie Bromfield, Asha, author. PR9199.4.B7574 S66 2023
The Graham effect Kennedy, Elle, author. PS3611.E55857 G73 2023
The Magnolia Palace : a novel Davis, Fiona, 1966- author. PS3604.A95695 M34 2023
The Mighty Nein origins Critical role, author. PN6727.C7585 M54 2023
The ballad of songbirds and snakes Collins, Suzanne, author. PS3603.O4558 B35 2020
The blacker the berry : a novel of Negro life Thurman, Wallace, 1902-1934, author. PS3539.H957 B4 2023
The book of Ayn : (a novel) Freiman, Lexi, author. PR9619.4.F785 B66 2023
The chalice of the gods Riordan, Rick, author. PS3568.I5866 C43 2023
The end of Eddy Louis, Édouard, author. PQ2712.O895 E513 2017
The first ladies Benedict, Marie, author. PS3620.E75 F57 2023
The fragile threads of power Schwab, Victoria, author. PS3619.C4848 F73 2023
The fraud Smith, Zadie, author. PR6069.M59 F73 2023
The heiress : a novel Hawkins, Rachel, 1979- author. PS3608.A893463 H45 2024
The long game : a novel Armas, Elena, author. PR9155.9.A76 L66 2023
The maniac Labatut, Benjamín, 1980- author. PR9309.9.L33 M36 2023
The naked tree Gendry-Kim, Keum Suk, author, artist. PN6790.K63 G46413 2023
The saint of bright doors Chandrasekera, Vajra, author. PR9440.9.C496 S25 2023
The seven year slip Poston, Ashley, author. PS3616.O8388 S48 2023
The star seekers HYBE (Firm), author. PN6790.K64 S73513 2023
The storm we made : a novel Chan, Vanessa (Novelist), author. PS3603.H355856 S76 2023
The stranger in the woods : the extraordinary story of the last true hermit Finkel, Michael, author. CT9991.K65 F56 2018
The tainted cup : a novel Bennett, Robert Jackson, 1984- author. PS3602.E66455 T35 2024
The wildest sun : a novel Lemmie, Asha, author. PS3612.E456 W55 2023
The woman in me Spears, Britney, author. ML420.S685 A3 2023
The women Hannah, Kristin, author. PS3558.A4763 W66 2024
There there Orange, Tommy, 1982- author. PS3615.R32 T48 2019b
Weyward : a novel Hart, Emilia, author. PR9619.4.H3438 W49 2023
What the river knows : a novel Ibañez, Isabel (Novelist), author. PS3609.B22 W43 2023
What's wrong with Secretary Kim? Chŏng, Kyŏng-yun, 1978- author. PN6790.K64 W4313 2023
What's wrong with Secretary Kim? Chŏng, Kyŏng-yun, 1978- author. PN6790.K64 W4313 2023
Wind breaker Nii, Satoru, author, artist. PN6790.J34 U3613 2023
Writing in color : fourteen writers on the lessons we've learned PN159 .W75 2023
You're that bitch : & other cute lessons about being unapologetically yourself : a gay Cinderella story Rock, Bretman, author. PN4587.2.R63 A3 2023
unOrdinary. uru-chan (Comics writer and artist), author, illustrator. PZ7.7.U78 Un 2023