Cinema Studies New Books

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A Disaster Guide from TV and Cinema : Preparing for the Global Blackout. Newiak, Denis. PN1995.9
A complete guide to character rigging for games using Blender Halač, Armin, author. TR897.72
A filmmaker's guide to sound design : bridging the gap between filmmakers and technicians to realize the storytelling power of sound Polis, Matthew, author. TR897
A history of early film PN1993.5
A history of early film PN1993.5
A medium seen otherwise : photography in documentary film Hallas, Roger, author. PN1995.9.D6 H245 2023
Adaptation, awards culture, and the value of prestige Kennedy-Karpat, Colleen; Sandberg, Eric PN1997.85
African cinema : manifesto and practice for cultural decolonization. PN1993.5.A35 A35 2023
African cinema : manifesto and practice for cultural decolonization. PN1993.5.A35 A3562 2023
Alan Rudolph's Trouble in Mind : Tampering with Myths. Flinn, Caryl. PN1998
Albanian Cinema through the Fall of Communism : Silver Screens and Red Flags Williams, Bruce, author. PN1993.5
American film noir genres, characters, and settings Hellwig, Harold H., 1950- author. PN1995.9.F54 H46 2023
Architecture Filmmaking : Making Visible. Troiani, Igea. PN1995.25
Between images : montage and the problem of relation Conrath, Ryan, author. TR899
Breaking the code : Otto Preminger versus Hollywood's censors Segaloff, Nat, author. PN1998.3.P743 S44 2022
Brother to brother PN1997.2 .B767 2005
Cahiers du cinéma : interviews with film directors, 1953-1970 Russo, James R. PN1998.2 .C325 2023
Christian Petzold : interviews PN1998.3.P467 C47 2023
Cinema and experience : Siegfried Kracauer, Walter Benjamin, and Theodor W. Adorno Hansen, Marian Bratu, 1949-2011. PN1994 .H265 2012
Clarence Brown : Hollywood's forgotten master Young, Gwenda, author. PN1998.3
Constructions of the real : intersections of documentary-based film practice and theory PN1995.9.D6 C66 2023
Desire and consent in representations of adolescent sexuality with adults PN1995.9
Disney, culture, and curriculum PN1999
Documentary vision : notes from behind the camera Chisolm, Richard, author. PN1995.9
Dystopia and dispossession in the Hollywood science fiction film, 1979-2017 : the aesthetics of enclosure Warwick, Harry, author. PN1995.9.D97 W37 2023
Experiments in Film and Philosophy Falzon, Christopher, 1957- author. PN1995
FILMMAKER'S GUIDE TO VISUAL EFFECTS the art and techniques of vfx for directors, producers,... editors and cinematographers. Dinur, Eran. TR858
Fassbinder thousands of mirrors Penman, Ian, 1959- author. PN1998.3.F37 P46 2023
Film and place in an intercultural perspective PN1995.67
Fractured fifties : the cinematic periodization and evolution of a decade Sprengler, Christine, author. PN1995.9.S6 S69 2023
Frontiers of South Asian culture : nation, trans-nation and beyond Region/Nation/Trans-Nation: Literature-Cinema Interface (Conference) Goa, India) (2019 : PN1995.9
General history of Chinese film. Ding, Yaping, author. PN1993.5
How the movies got a past : a historiography of American cinema, 1894-1930 Latsis, Dimitrios, author. PN1993.5.U6 L277 2023
I'm not there Tsika, Noah, 1983- author. PN1997.2.I464 T75 2023
Immigration Cinema in the New Europe. Ballesteros, Isolina. PN1995.9
Incomplete : the feminist possibilities of the unfinished film PN1995.9.W6 I518 2023
Introduction to screen narrative : perspectives on story production and comprehension PN1996
John Ford McBride, Joseph, 1947- author. PN1998.3
Kubrick and control : authority, order and independence in the films and working life of Stanley Kubrick Carr, Jeremy, author. PN1998.3.K83 C37 2023
Lagos never spoils : Nollywood and Nigerian city life Ryan, Connor, author. PN1993.5
London as screen gateway PN1995.9
Marketing Cinematográfico y de Series. Pallares, Miriam Rodríguez. PN1995.9
Memories of underdevelopment = Memorias del subdesarrollo Sadlier, Darlene J. author. (Darlene Joy), PN1997.M4297 S23 2023
Migrant anxieties : Italian cinema in a transnational frame O'Healy, Áine, author. PN1995.9.E44 O34 2019
Modern European cinema and love Rushton, Richard, author. PN1995.9.L6 R87 2023
Moon Robb, Brian J., author. PN1997.2.M6634 R63 2023
Nickelodeons and Black vaudeville : the forgotten story of Amanda Thorp Wong, Kathi Clark, 1955- author. PN1998.3.T56 W66 2023
Night mother : a personal and cultural history of The exorcist Williams, Marlena, 1992- author. PN1997
OF REELS, ROMANCE AND RETAKES social narratives of cinema in odisha. Patnaik, Sanjoy. PN1995
On Kubrick Naremore, James, author. PN1998.3.K83 N37 2023
Oppenheimer : screenplay Nolan, Christopher, 1970- author. PN1997.2 .O65 2023
Passato e presente nel cinema italiano : storia e società sul grande schermo De Santi, Chiara, author. PN1993.5.I88 P35 2022
Pet sematary McMurdo, Shellie, author. PN1997.P4646 M36 2023
Point Blank Wilson, Eric, 1967- author. PN1997
Psychoanalysis and the Small Screen The Year the Cinemas Closed. Owens, Carol. PN1995.9
Realist film theory and 'Bicycle thieves' Neroni, Hilary, 1969- author. PN1995.9.R3 N47 2023
Reframing trauma in contemporary fiction film Laine, Tarja, author. PN1995.9.P7828 L35 2023
Rushmore McKim, Kristi Irene, author. PN1997
Screen borders : from Calais to cinéma-monde Gott, Michael, author. PN1995.9.B67 G66 2023
Secret Cinema and the immersive experience economy Atkinson, Sarah, 1975- author. PN1995.9.D57 A853 2022
Shocking cinema of the 70s PN1995.9.S284 S457 2022
Spanish horror film and television in the 21st century Rodríguez Ortega, Vicente, author. PN1995.9
Staging a comeback : Broadway, Hollywood, and the Disney renaissance Kunze, Peter C. author. (Peter Christopher), PN1995.9.M86 K86 2023
Su Friedrich Mennel, Barbara Caroline, author. PN1998.3.F784 M46 2023
Tales from the vaults : film technology over the years and across continents TR880
The Blaxploitation horror film : adaptation, appropriation and the gothic Mustafa, Jamil, author. PN1995.9.B585 M87 2023
The British trauma film : psychoanalysis and popular British cinema in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War Plummer, Adam (Independent researcher), author. PN1993.5.G7 P55 2023
The Hollywood meme transnational adaptations in world cinema Smith, Iain Robert, author. PN1995.9
The Red Shoes Hutchinson, Pamela (Film critic), author. PN1997
The Routledge companion to history and the moving image PN1995.2
The Russian Kurosawa : transnational cinema, or the art of speaking differently Solovieva, Olga V., author. PN1998.3.K87 S65 2023
The VES handbook of virtual production TR860
The Visceral Screen : Between the Cinemas of John Cassavetes and David Cronenberg. Furze, Robert. PN1998.3
The Warner brothers Yogerst, Chris, 1983- author. PN1999.W3 Y65 2023
The architecture of survival : setting and politics in apocalypse films Trump, Erik (College teacher), author. PN1995.9
The art of classic sci-fi movies PN1995.9.P5 A68 2023
The avenging-woman on-screen : female empowerment and feminist possibilities Stache, Lara C., 1981- author. PN1995.9
The cabin in the woods Kord, Susanne, author. PN1997.2.C32 K67 2023
The deer hunter Prager, Brad, 1971- author. PN1997
The human figure on film : natural, pictorial, institutional, fictional Watter, Seth Barry, 1987- author. PN1995.9
The labors of fear : the modern horror film goes to work PN1995.9.H6 L24 2023
The monstrous-feminine : film, feminism, psychoanalysis Creed, Barbara, author. PN1995.9
The rise of Central American film in the twenty-first century PN1993.5.C27 R57 2023
The screenwriter's workshop : creative exploration through meaningful critique Kopell, J. Mira, 1959- author. PN1996
The state and new cinema in contemporary India : 1960 -1997 Tiwari, Sudha, author PN1993.5
The value gap : female-driven films from pitch to premiere Brannon Donoghue, Courtney, author. PN1995.9.W6 B728 2023
The wicker man Wiggins, Steve A., author. PN1997
The year's work in Showgirls studies PN1997
Thelma & Louise Kollin, Susan, author. PN1997.T43 K65 2023
Who would you kill to save the world? Colebrook, Claire, author. PN1995.9.A64 C65 2023