Audiology & Speech Pathology New Books

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TitleAuthorCall Number
A Bunny Called Noodle Palmer, Melissa (Speech language therapist) author. RJ496
A primer on communication and communicative disorders Schwartz, Howard D. author. RC423 .S258 2012
A primer on communication and communicative disorders Schwartz, Howard D. author. RC423 .S258 2012
Acoustic immittance measures : basic and advanced practice Hunter, Lisa L., author. RF294.5.I5 H86 2014
Acquired language disorders : a case-based approach Klein, Evelyn R., author. RC423 .K555 2014
Acquired language disorders in adulthood and childhood : selected works of Elaine Funnell Funnell, Elaine, author. RC423
Advances in audiology and hearing science RF290
Advances in audiology and hearing science RF290
Advances in audiology and hearing science RF290
All about dyscalculia : a practical guide to supporting learners with dyscalculia in the primary school Hornigold, Judy, author. RJ496
An advanced review of speech-language pathology : preparation for the PRAXIS and comprehensive examination Roseberry-McKibbin, Celeste. RC423 .R673 2011
An at-home guide to children's sensory and behavioral problems : Qigong Sensory Treatment for parents and clinicians Garofallou, Linda, author. RJ496
An introduction to auditory processing disorders in children RF291.5
Assessing and diagnosing speech therapy needs in school : pedagogical diagnostics in theory and practice Przybysz-Zaremba, Malgorzata, author. RJ496
Assessment in Speech and Language Therapy. Beech, John R. RC423
Assessment of communication disorders in children : resources and protocols Hegde, M. N. 1941- author. (Mahabalagiri N.), RJ496 .C67 H42 2013
Assessment of language disorders in children McCauley, Rebecca Joan, 1952- RJ496
Auditory electrophysiology : a clinical guide RF294.5.E87 A93 2012
Auditory processing deficits : assessment and intervention Rawool, Vishakha Waman, author. RF290 .R39 2015
Auditory-verbal therapy for young children with hearing loss and their families and the practitioners who guide them RF291.5.C45 A93 2016
Augmentative and alternative communication : models and applications for educators, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, caregivers, and users Loncke, Filip, author. RC423 .L66 2014
Augmentative communication clinical issues RJ496
Basic audiometry learning manual DeRuiter, Mark, author. RF294 .D47 2017
Behavioral principles in communicative disorders : applications to assessment and treatment Maul, Christine A., author. RC423 .M385 2016
Case Studies in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Second Edition. Tanner, Dennis. RC423
Chataway : making communication count from foundation stage to key stage three Burnett, Andrew, 1950- RJ496
Cheap talk : disability and the politics of communication St. Pierre, Joshua, author. RC423
Child pain, migraine, and invisible disability Honeyman, Susan, author. RJ496
Childhood Speech and Language Disorders : Supporting Children and Families on the Path to Communication. Ducharme, Suzanne M. RJ496
Children with specific language impairment Leonard, Laurence B. author. RJ496
Children with specific language impairment Leonard, Laurence B., author. RJ496.L35 L46 2014
Children's speech sound disorders Bowen, Caroline, author. RJ496
Chronic rhinosinusitis : pathogenesis and medical management RF425
Clinical management of children with cochlear implants RF305 .C55 2017
Cochlear implant patient assessment : evaluation of candidacy, performance, and outcomes Gifford, René H. RF291 .G54 2013
Communication counts : speech and language difficulties in the early years Griffiths, Fleur. RJ496
Communication development profile Child, Charlotte, author. RJ496
Consultative selling skills for audiologists Taylor, Brian, 1966- RF291 .T39 2012
DLD and me : supporting children and young people with developmental language disorder Sowerbutts, Anna, author. RJ496
Development of movement co-ordination in children : applications in the field of ergonomics, health sciences, and sport RJ496
Developmental coordination disorder and its consequences RJ496.A63 D49 2015
Developmental dyslexia from birth to eight : a practitioner's guide Hayes, Carol (Lecturer in early childhood studies) author. RJ496
Developmental language disorders : from phenotypes to etiologies RJ496
Disorders of the auditory system RF290 .D57 2012
Disorders of the auditory system Musiek, Frank E., author. RF290
Diversity in deaf education RF291 .D58 2016
Don't feed the dog! Palmer, Melissa (Speech language therapist) author. RJ496
Dyslexia In Children. Fawcett, Angela. RJ496
Dyspraxia 5-14 : Identifying and Supporting Young People with Movement Difficulties. MacIntyre, Christine. RJ496
Educational evaluations of children with special needs : clinical and forensic considerations Breiger, David, author. RJ496.L4 B74 2014
Effective speech-language pathology : a cognitive socialization approach Muma, John R., 1938- RJ496
Effective teaching strategies for dyscalculia and learning difficulties in mathematics : perspectives from cognitive neuroscience Noël, Marie-Pascale, author. RJ496
Eradicating deafness? : genetics, pathology and diversity in twentieth-century america Schmidt, Marion Andrea, author. RF290 .S385 2020
Evaluating and Conducting Research in Audiology. Manchaiah, Vinaya. RF290
Evaluating research in communication disorders Schiavetti, Nicholas, 1943- author. RC423 .V45 2015
Febrile seizures : new concepts and consequences RJ496
Función motora manual en niños, niñas y adolescentes con parálisis cerebral en el ámbito terapéutico en la ciudad de Cali 2016 Zapata Criollo, Julio Cesar RJ496
Geriatric audiology Weinstein, Barbara E. RF291.5.A35 W445 2013
Ghost boy Pistorius, Martin, 1975- author. RJ496.C67 P57 2012
Great Ormond Street handbook of paediatric vascular anomalies : an illustrated guide to clinical management RJ496
Handbook of clinical audiology RF291 .H36 2015
Handbook of vowels and vowel disorders RC423
Hearing : anatomy, physiology, and disorders of the auditory system Møller, Aage R. RF290 .M58 2013
Hearing loss Sataloff, Robert Thayer. RF290
Here's how to do accent modification : a manual for speech-language pathologists McKinney, Robert (Speech-language pathologist) author. RC423 .M335 2019
Here's how to treat childhood apraxia of speech Fish, Margaret A., 1959- author. RJ496.A63 F57 2016
Improving the vocabulary and oral language skills of bilingual Latino preschoolers : an intervention for speech-language pathologists Gutierrez-Clellen, Vera, author. RJ496.L35 G87 2014
Investigations in clinical phonetics and linguistics RC423
Language : structure, processing, and disorders Caplan, David, 1947- RC423
Language Disorders in Bilingual Children and Adults Kohnert, Kathryn, 1960- author. RC423 .K65 2013
Language and motor speech disorders in adults Halpern, Harvey. RC423 .H324 2013
Language competence across populations : toward a definition of specific language impairment RJ496
Language development and language impairment : a problem-based introduction Fletcher, Paul, 1943- author. RJ496
Language disorders across the lifespan Vinson, Betsy Partin. RC423 .V56 2012
Language disorders from a developmental perspective : essays in honor of Robin S. Chapman RJ496
Language disorders from infancy through adolescence : listening, speaking, reading, writing, and communicating Paul, Rhea. RJ496.L35 P38 2012
Language for behaviour and emotions : a practical guide to working with children and young people Branagan, Anna, author. RJ496
Language for living communication activities for young adults with learning difficulties Delamain, Catherine, author. RC423
Linguistics for clinicians Black Maria. RC423
Mathematical disabilities : a cognitive neuropsychological perspective RJ496
Medical speech-language pathology : a desk reference Golper, Lee Ann C., 1948- author. RC423 .G626 2019
Medicine in metamorphosis : speech, presence and integration Siirala, Martti. RJ496
Methods of partial deafness treatment RF305
Modeling sensorineural hearing loss RF291
Motor speech disorders : substrates, differential diagnosis, and management Duffy, Joseph R. RC423 .D84 2013
NAVIGATING TELETHERAPY FOR SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPISTS the remotely possible in 50 key points. Davies, Rebekah. RC423
Navigating AAC : 50 essential strategies and resources for using augmentative and alternative communication Battye, Alison, author. RC423
Neuroscience for the study of communicative disorders Bhatnagar, Subhash Chandra. RC423 .B53 2013
Outcomes in speech-language pathology RC423 .M437 2013
Pediatric Audiologic Rehabilitation : from Infancy to Adolesence Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth M. author. RF291.5 .C45 F53 2013
Praxis II speech-language pathology (0330) practice questions : Praxis II practice tests & exam review for the Praxis II subject assessments. RC423 .P733 2014
Professional communication in audiology Ramachandran, Virginia, author. RF290 .R36 2013
Raising kids with sensory processing disorders : a week-by-week guide to helping your out-of-sync child with sensory and self-regulation issues Whitney, Rondalyn Varney, author. RJ496
Raising kids with sensory processing disorders : a week-by-week guide to solving everyday sensory issues Whitney, Rondalyn Varney, author. RJ496
Rapid motor imitation antecedent (RMIA) training manual : teaching preverbal children with ASD to talk Tsiouri, Ioanna. RC423 .T75 2012
Recent Advances in Audiological and Vestibular Research RF290
Recent Advances in Audiological and Vestibular Research RF294
Research in communication sciences and disorders : methods for systematic inquiry Nelson, Lauren. RC423 .N353 2013
Research methods in clinical linguistics and phonetics a practical guide RC423
Self-assessment of hearing Noble, William, 1944- author. RF291 .N63 2013
Sensory processing challenges : effective clinical work with kids & teens Biel, Lindsey, author. RJ496 .S44 B54 2014
Supporting Adolescents with Language Disorders. Spencer, Sarah. RC423
The HANDBOOK OF CLINICAL LINGUISTICS Ball, Martin J.; Müller, Nicole; Spencer, Liz RC423
The child with spina bifida RJ496
The dynamic assessment of language learning Hasson, Natalie, author. RJ496
The social communication intervention programme manual : supporting children's pragmatic and social communication needs, ages 6-11 Adams, Catherine (Speech and language therapist), author. RJ496
The social communication intervention programme resource : supporting children's pragmatic and social communication needs, ages 6-11 Adams, Catherine (Speech and language therapist), author. RJ496
Translational speech-language pathology and audiology : essays in honor of Dr. Sadanand Singh RC423 .T593 2012
Tuberous sclerosis complex : a rare genetic condition associated with autism spectrum disorder. McCarthy, Jane E. RJ496
Ultimate speech sounds : eliciting sounds using 3D animation Beckett, Kate (Speech therapist), author. RJ496
Uncommon understanding : development and disorders of language comprehension in children Bishop, D. V. M. (Dorothy V. M.) RJ496
Understanding Cerebral Palsy : A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Stanton, Marion. RJ496
Understanding Childhood Hearing Loss : Whole Family Approaches to Living and Thriving. Fligor, Brian J. RF290
Understanding Dyscalculia : A Guide to Symptoms, Management and Treatment. Lucangeli, Daniela. RJ496
Understanding Tourette syndrome : a guide to symptoms, management and treatment RJ496
Understanding development and disorder in Cantonese using language sample analysis Wong, Anita M-Y., author. RJ496
Working with childhood apraxia of speech : theory and practice for speech and language therapists Murrell, Kathryn, author. RJ496
Working with children experiencing speech and language disorders in a bilingual context : a home language approach Pert, Sean, author. RJ496
Working with trans voice : a guide to support and inspire new, developing and established practitioners Mills, Matthew, 1967- author. RC423