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Achieving Zero Hunger in India : Challenges and Policies. Mahendra Dev, S. S401
Adaptive Collaborative Management in Forest Landscapes : Villagers, Bureaucrats and Civil Society. Colfer, Carol J. Pierce. SD387
Adoption of Agricultural Innovations by Smallholder Farmers in the Context of HIV/AIDS : The Case of Tissue-Cultured Banana in Kenya. Nguthi, Faith N. HD9259
Agri 4.0 and the future of cyber-physical agricultural systems S494.5
Agriculteurs, Agricultures et Forêts. Terrasson, Daniel. S494.5
Aktuelle Garteninitiativen. Kleingärten und neue Gärten in deutschen Großstädten. Appel, Ilka. SB466
All trails lead to Houston : riding to the rodeo Viator, Ray, author, photographer (expression) SF117.65.T42 H688 2024
Anatomy in motion SF309 .A483 2000
Ancient oaks in the English landscape Farjon, Aljos, author. SD179 .F37 2022
Animal Production and Animal Science Worldwide : WAAP Book of the Year 2006. Rosati, A. SF140
Animal Production and Natural Resources Utilisation in the Mediterranean Mountain Areas. Georgoudis, A. SF55
Animal Products from the Mediterranean Area. Ramalho Ribeiro, J. M. C. SF55
Applied Equine Nutrition and Training : Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference (ENUTRACO) 2009. Lindner, Arno. SF285
Applied Equine Nutrition and Training : Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference (ENUTRACO) 2013. Lindner, Arno. SF285.5
Automatic Milking, a Better Understanding. Meijering, A. SF247
Availability, Transfer and Balances of Heavy Metals in Urban Agriculture of West Africa. Abdu, Nafiu. SB747
Beyond wild : gardens and landscapes by Raymond Jungles SB470.J86 B49 2021
Biochar effects on carbon and nutrient fluxes during compost production and on wastewater irrigated soils in urban gardens of two West African cities. Manka'abusi, Delphine. HD9000.5
Bioenergy Crops for Ecosystem Health and Sustainability. Baumber, Alex. SB288
Biofuels : Implications for the Feed Industry. Doppenberg, Jannes. SB288
Book of Abstracts for the 10th World Conference on Animal Production. Scientific Committee, Scientific. HD9410.1
Book of Abstracts of the 54th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production : Rome, Italy, 31 August - 3 September 2003. van der Honing, Y. SF5
Book of Abstracts of the 55th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production : Bled, Slovenia, 5-9 September 2004. van der Honing, Y. SF5
Book of Abstracts of the 59th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production : Vilnius, Lithuania, 24-27 August 2008. Publishers, Wageningen Academic. SF94.6
Book of Abstracts of the 61st Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production : Heraklion - Crete Island, Greece, 23-27 August 2010. Publishers, Wageningen Academic. SF55
Book of Abstracts of the 64th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production : Nantes, France, 26 - 30 August 2013. Committee, Scientific. S494.5
Book of Abstracts of the 66th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production : Warsaw, Poland, 31 August - 4 September 2015. EAAP scientific committee, Eaap scientific. SF5
Book of Abstracts of the 69th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science : Dubrovnik, Croatia, 27-31 August 2018. Scientific Committee, Scientific. SF41
Breeding, Production Recording, Health and the Evaluation of Farm Animals. Kyntäjä, Juho. SF5
CRISPR and plant functional genomics SB123.57
Changing European Farming Systems for a Better Future : New Visions for Rural Areas. Langeveld, Hans. S494.5
Coffeeland : one man's dark empire and the making of our favorite drug Sedgewick, Augustine, author. HD9199.N7 S43 2020
Compendium of turfgrass diseases SB608.T87 S58 2023
Complete container herb gardening : design and grow beautiful, bountiful herb-filled pots Goetz, Sue, 1961- author. SB351.H5 G648 2021
Conservation genetics of endangered horse breeds. Bodo, I. SF291
Conservation leadership, a practical guide Black, Simon A., author. S944.5
Container and fragrant gardens : how to enliven spaces with containers and make the most of scented plants Loewer, H. Peter, author. SB418 .L62 2020
Container gardener's handbook : pots, techniques, and projects to transform any space Tophill, Frances, author. SB418 .T67 2019
Contemporary Landscapes of Contemplation. Krinke, Rebecca. SB454.3
Controlling nitrogen flows and losses. Hatch, D.J. S592.6
Cooperation for Competition : Linking Ethiopian Farmers to Markets. Francesconi, Gian Nicola. HD1491
Crop Improvement New Approaches and Modern Techniques SB106
Crop Systems Dynamics : An ecophysiological simulation model of genotype-by-environment interactions. Xinyou, YIN. SB112.5
Dead wood : the afterlife of trees Wohl, Ellen E., 1962- author. SD387.C63 W64 2022
Decision Support Systems in Potato Production : Bringing Models to Practice. MacKerron, D. K. L. HD9235
Design with nature on Cape Cod and the islands Ahern, Jack author. (John F.), SB472.45 .A43 2022
Determinants of Farm Income and Agricultural Risk Management Strategies : The Case of Rain-fed Farm Households in Pakistan’s Punjab. Qasim, Muhammad. SB110
Die ganze Palette : Biologische Vielfalt als Stärke der ökologischen Landwirtschaft. Dokumentationsband der 25. Witzenhäuser Konferenz 5. bis 9. Dezember 2017. Landwirtschaft, Projektgruppe Die ganze Palette - Biologische Vielfalt als Stärke der ökologischen. S465
Du Pont gardens of the Brandywine Valley McDowell, Marta, author. SB466.U65 B73 2023
Dynamics in Animal Nutrition. Doppenberg, Jannes. SF95
Dynamics in Chains and Networks. Bremmers, H. J. HD9000.1
Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition. Crovetto, G. Matteo. SF94.6
Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition. Ortigues-Marty, I. SF94.6
Energy and protein metabolism and nutrition. Chizzotti, Mario Luiz. SF95
Engineering and Science of Biomass Feedstock Production and Provision SB106
Environmental Management in the Dutch Food and Beverage Industry : A Longitudinal Study into the Joint Impact of Business Network and Firm Characteristics on the Adoption of Environmental Management Capabilities. Haverkamp, Derk-Jan. HD9015
Environmental soil chemistry Sparks, Donald L., 1953- author. S592.5 .S652 2024
Equine clinical nutrition SF285.5 .E62 2023
Equine nutrition : INRA nutrient requirements, recommended allowances and feed tables. Martin-Rosset, William. SF285.5
Evaluation of the Growth of Date Palm Seedlings Irrigated with Saline Water in Sultanat of Oman. Al-Rasbi, Salim bin Abdullah bin Rashid. SB364
Ever green : saving big forests to save the planet Reid, John W., author. SD390.7.C55 R353 2022
Farm Animal Proteomics 2014 : Proceedings of the 5th Management Committee Meeting and 4th Meeting of Working Groups 1,2 and 3 of COST Action FA 1002. de Almeida, Andrè. SF61
Farm Management and Extension Needs in Central and Eastern European Countries under the EU Milk Quota System. Kuipers, A. (Abele) HD9282
Farm business management : the decisive farmer Nuthall, P. L. author. (Peter Leslie), S561 .N8683 2022
Five Centuries of Farming : A Short History of Dutch Agriculture 1500 - 2000. Bieleman, Jan. S469
Food Economics : Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health. Masters, William A. S401
Food and agribusiness in 2030 : a roadmap. Neves, Marcos Fava. HD1415
Food futures : ethics, science and culture. Olsson, Anna. HD9000.1
Formula for the Future : Elevating Performance and Health in Pigs and Poultry. Taylor-Pickard, J. A. SF396.5
Frohes Schaffen!? - Arbeit in der Landwirtschaft : Dokumentationsband der 23. Witzenhäuser Konferenz 1. bis 5. Dezember 2015. Landwirtschaft, Projektgruppe Frohes Schaffen Arbeit in der. S494.5
Functional Genomics and Biotechnology in Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae Crops SB106
Gaining the Edge in Pork and Poultry Production : Enhancing Efficiency, Quality and Safety. Taylor-Pickard, J. SF395
Gaining the Edge in Ruminant Production : Nutritional Strategies for Optimal Productivity and Efficiency. Andrieu, S. SF203
Genomic management of animal genetic diversity. Oldenbroek, J.K. SF105
Global Food Security : Ethical and Legal Challenges. Romeo Casabona, Carlos M. HD9000.6
Grasses for gardens and landscapes : design, selection, cultivation Lucas, Neil, 1957- SB431.7 .L86 2023
Handbook Of Climate Change And Agroecosystems - Climate Change And Farming System Planning In Africa And South Asia : Agmip Stakeholder-driven Research (In 2 Parts). Rosenzweig, Cynthia. S600.7
Handbook of invasive plant-parasitic nematodes Haque, Ziaul, author. SB998.N4 H37 2021
Herbs and spices SB351.H5 H38 2022
Horseracing and the British, 1919-39. Huggins, Mike. SF335
Humphry Repton : designing the landscape garden Phibbs, John. SB470.R4 P453 2021
Improving the quality of apples SB363
Income Stabilisation in European Agriculture : Design and Economic Impact of Risk Management Tools. Meuwissen, Miranda P. M. HD9015
Indicators of Milk and Beef Quality. Hocquette, J. F. SF251
Innovation in Agri-Food Systems. Jongen, W. M. F. HD9000.5
Innover Avec les Acteurs du Monde Rural : La Recherche-Action en Partenariat. Faure, Guy. HD1417
Integration and Self Regulation of Quality Management in Dutch Agri-Food Supply Chains : A Cross-Chain Analysis of the Poultry Meat, the Fruit and Vegetable and the Flower and Potted Plant Chains. van Plaggenhoef, Wijnand. HD9015
Intestinal Health : Key to Maximise Growth Performance in Livestock. Niewold, Theo. SF84.3
It's a jungle out there - the strange animals of economic organization in agri-food value chains. Martino, Gaetano. HD9015
Kleine Kakao-Kunde. Holst, Herbert. SB267
Know your food : Food ethics and innovation. Dumitras, Diana Elena. HD9000.6
Knowledge Transfer in Cattle HusbandryKnowledge Transfer in Cattle Husbandry : New Management Practices, Attitudes and Adaptation. Kuipers, A. (Abele) SF197
Kollektive Identität und Gemeinschaft am Berg : Die Zukunftsfähigkeit der Berglandwirtschaft in zwei Südtiroler Bergweilern. Holtkamp, Carolin. SF233
Landscape fascinations and provocations : reading Robert B. Riley SB472.3 .L36 2023
Le Cotonnier. Crétenet, Michel. HD9087
Le Couple Produit/territoire : Régulation Ago-Antagoniste Entre Projet Individuel et Projet Collectif. Rollet, Anne. S562
Le Sorgho. Chantereau, J. (Jacques) SB191
Les Cultures Fourragères. Klein, Henri-Dominique. SB193
Les Semences. Turner, Michael. SB117
Livestock Farming Systems in Central and Eastern Europe. Gibon, A. SF55
Livestock Production and Society. Geers, R. SF55
Local Cattle Breeds in Europe : Development of Policies and Strategies for Self-Sustaining Breeds. Hiemstra, Sipke Joost. SF196
Malaysian Water Sector Reform : Policy and Performance. Kim, Ching Thoo. HD1698
Management of Nitrogen and Water in Potato Production. Haverkort, A. J. SB211
Managing Climate Risk in Water Supply Systems. Brown, Casey. HD1691
Meadow : the intimate bond between people, place and plants Parkinson, Iain, author. SB199 .P36 2022
Moving crops and the scales of history Bray, Francesca, author. SB71 .B73 2023
Mutation breeding, genetic diversity and crop adaptation to climate change SB123 .M88 2021
Nashville native orchids : astonishing science and mysterious folklore Parr, Soraya Cates, 1959- author. SB409.5
Native and ornamental conifers in the Pacific Northwest : identification, botany, and natural history Price, Elizabeth A. (Gardener), author. SD397.C7 P695 2022
Naturalistic planting design : the essential guide Dunnett, Nigel, author. SB473 .D86 2019
Nourish the People : The State Civilian Granary System in China, 1650-1850. Will, Pierre-Etienne. HD9046
Nutrition and Feeding of the Broodmare. Martin-Rosset, W. SF285.5
Nutrition of the Performance Horse : Which System in Europe for Evaluating the Nutritional Requirements? Juliand, V. SF285.5
Nutritional Approaches to Arresting the Decline in Fertility of Pigs and Poultry : Proceedings from Alltech's Technical Seminar Series. Taylor-Pickard, J. A. SF391.3
Orchids Fay, Michael F., curator. SB409 .F39 2022
Oudolf Hummelo : a journey through a plantsman's life Oudolf, Piet, author. SB472.45 .O88 2021
Pastoral Systems in Marginal Environments. Milne, J. A. SF140
Performance Diagnosis and Purchase Examination of Elite Sport Horses. Lindner, Arno. SF294.3
Pest control for professional turfgrass managers 2022. SB608.T87 P47 2022
Phytate destruction - consequences for precision animal nutrition. Walk, C.L. SF95
Political Ecology of REDD+ in Indonesia : Agrarian Conflicts and Forest Carbon. Hein, Jonas I. SD418.3
Potato Production and Innovative Technologies. Haverkort, A. J. SB211
Potato in Progress : Science Meets Practice. Haverkort, A. J. SB211
Potbellied pig veterinary medicine Mozzachio, Kristie, author. SF393.P74 M69 2023
Pratiques et Stratégies Foncières des Agriculteurs : Un Outil d'analyse Pour l'aménagement des Zones Fragiles. Morardet, Sylvie. S561
Precision Agriculture '07. Stafford, J. V. S494.5
Precision Agriculture '09. van Henten, E. J. S494.5
Precision Livestock Farming '05. Cox, S. SF140
Precision agriculture '15. Stafford, John V. S494.5
Producer Organisations and Market Chains : Facilitating Trajectories of Change in Developing Countries. Ton, Giel. HD1486
Prospects for a Sustainable Dairy Sector in the Mediterranean : Proceedings of the Joint ANPA-EAAP-CIHEAM-FAO Symposium, Hammamet, Tunisia, 26-28 October 2000. Djemali, M. SF247
Quality Management and Strategic Alliances in the Mango Supply Chain from Costa Rica : An Interdisciplinary Approach for Analysing Coordination, Incentives and Governance. Zúñiga-Arias, Guillermo E. HD9259
Quality Management in Food Chains. Theuvsen, Ludwig. HD9015
Quality of Meat and Fat in Pigs As Affected by Genetics and Nutrition : Proceedings of the Joint Session of the EAAP Commissions on Pig Production, Animal Genetics and Animal Nutrition. Wenk, C. (Caspar) SF396.9
Qualité du Matériel Forestier de Reproduction et Application des Directives Communautaires. Terrasson, Daniel. SD399.7
Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply. Sharma, Ashok K. S619
Recent Advances of Research in Antinutritional Factors in Legume Seeds and Oilseeds : Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Antinutritional Factors in Legume Seeds and Oilseeds. Muzquiz, M. SB177
Resilience and Food Security in a Food Systems Context. Béné, Christophe. S401
Responding to Environmental Issues Through Adaptive Collaborative Management : From Forest Communities to Global Actors. Colfer, Carol J. Pierce. SD387
Revitalizing Indian Agriculture and Boosting Farmer Incomes. Gulati, Ashok. S401
Rond de Scheidslijn Van Landbouweconomie en Landbouwpolitiek. Massink, Henk. HD1415
Routledge Handbook of Community Forestry. Bulkan, Janette. SD561
Rural protest groups and populist political parties. Strijker, D. HD1521
Salt and State : An Annotated Translation of the Songshi Salt Monopoly Treatise. Chien, Cecilia. HD9213
Seasons of the striper : pursuing the great American gamefish Sisson, William, author. SH691.S7 S57 2022
Seed Potato Technology. Struik, P. C. SB211
Seed science and technology : biology, production, quality SB114.A3 S4 2023
Socio-Technical Innovation Bundles for Agri-Food Systems Transformation. Barrett, Christopher B. S401
Socioeconomics of Agriculture. Mann, Stefan. S401
Soil Erosion and Carbon Dynamics. Roose, Eric J. S622.2
Spice the 16th-century contest that shaped the modern world Crowley, Roger author HD9210
Statistische Modellierungen zur Schätzung genetischer Parameter für das Merkmal Vielseitigkeit beim Deutschen Reitpferd. Frevert, Henning. SF309
Stepping-Stones to Improve upon Functioning of Participatory Agricultural Extension Programs : Farmer Field Schools in Uganda. Isubikalu, Prossy. S544.5
Supply Chain Integration, Quality Management and Firm Performance of Pork Processing Industry in China. Han, Jiqin. HD9435
Sustainable Animal Production : The Challenges and Potential Developments for Professional Farming. Aland, A. SF55
Sustainable Food Production and Ethics. Zollitsch, Werner. S494.5
Sustainable agricultural intensification : a handbook for practitioners in East and Southern Africa S472.A354 S87 2022
Sustainable agricultural practices and product design S494.5.S86 S855 2023
Symposium on Breeding for Diversification : A Joint Meeting of the EUCARPIA Section, Organic and Low-Input Agriculture, ECO-PB, LIVESEED, INSUSFAR, DIVERSify, HealthyMinorCereals, ReMIX, and Wheatamix University of Kassel, 19th–21st February 2018, Witzenhausen, Germany. Baćanović-Šišić, Jelena. S465
The Age of the Soybean : An Environmental History of Soy During the Great Acceleration. Silva, Claiton Marcio da. SB205
The American chestnut : an environmental history Davis, Donald Edward, author. SD397.A48 D38 2021
The Food Economy : Global Issues and Challenges. Bunte, Frank. HD9000.5
The Growing Horse : Nutrition and Prevention of Growth Disorders. Juliand, V. SF285.5
The Impact of Nutrition on the Health and Welfare of Horses. Ellis, A. D. SF295.185
The Last Turtlemen of the Caribbean : Waterscapes of Labor, Conservation, and Boundary Making. Crawford, Sharika D. SH399
The Small Matter of Suing Chevron. Sawyer, Suzana. HD1531
The art and philosophy of the garden Fenner, David E. W., author. SB454.3
The complete book of ground covers : 4000 plants that reduce maintenance, control erosion, and beautify the landscape Lewis, Gary (Gardener), author. SB432 .L49 2022
The landscape of home : in the country, by the sea, in the city SB473 .L358 2024
The last lookout on Dunn Peak : fire spotting in Idaho's St. Joe National Forest Hammond, Nancy Sule, author. SD421.375 .H36 2023
The making of the Northwest Forest Plan : the wild science of saving old growth ecosystems Johnson, K. Norman, author. SD413.N67 J64 2023
The moving statues of seventeenth-century Amsterdam : automata, waxworks, fountains, labyrinths Vanhaelen, Angela, author. SB475 .V36 2022
The nature and properties of soils Weil, Ray R., author. S591 .B79 2016
The seed garden : the art and practice of seed saving Colley, Micaela, author. SB324.75 .C65 2015
The sheep industry of territorial New Mexico : livestock, land, and dollars Wallace, Jon M., author. HD9436
The value of fibre : Engaging the second brain for animal nutrition. González-Ortiz, G. SF95
The year of the horses : a memoir Maum, Courtney, 1978- author. SF284.52.M33 A3 2022
Towards Effective Food Chains : Models and Applications. Trienekens, Jacques. HD9000.5
Transformations Agricoles et Agroalimentaires : Entre écologie et Capitalisme. Allaire, Gilles. S589.75
Transnational Governance Through Private Authority : The Case of Forest Stewardship Council Certification in Russia. Tysiachniouk, Maria S. SD373
Typologie des Stations Forestières du Massif Sainte-Victoire. Ladier, Jean. SD421.34
Une Histoire des Plantes Coloniales : Du Cacao à la Vanille. Volper, Serge. HD9200
Venetian gardens Don, Monty, author. SB466.I82 V4553 2023
Water Services Management and Governance. Katko, Tapio. HD1691
What your food ate : how to heal our land and reclaim our health Montgomery, David R., 1961- author. S596.7 .M65 2022
Wheat Diseases and Their Management Mehta, Yeshwant Ramchandra. author. SB106
Wirtschaftliche Bewertung von Wanderschafhaltungsbetrieben in der Region Gandja-Gasach/Aserbaidschan : Status quo und Ableitung von Verbesserungspotentialen. Allahverdiyeva, Naiba. S495
XX International Grassland Conference : Offered Papers. O'Mara, F. P. SB197