Nutrition New Books

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52nd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology : Harnessing and Exploiting Global Opportunities. Troy, D. J. TX556
A critique of the moral defense of vegetarianism Smith, Andrew F., 1972- author. TX392 .S58 2016
Advance in Post-harvest Preservation Technology TX601
Advances in ensuring the microbiological safety of fresh produce TX537
Aflatoxins : occurrence, detection and novel detoxification strategies RA601
Banking on Milk : An Ethnography of Donor Human Milk Relations. Cassidy, Tanya. RJ216
Bioactive molecules in food TX531 .B53 2019
Bread Shershow, Scott Cutler, 1953- author. TX558.B7 S53 2016
Breastfeeding and mothering in antiquity and early Byzantium RJ216
Cabbage and Caviar : A History of Food in Russia. Smith, Alison K. TX360
Canned : the rise and fall of consumer confidence in the American food industry Zeide, Anna, 1984- author. TX552 .Z45 2018
Chemical and functional properties of food components TX545
Chemometrics and authenticity of foods of plant origin TX369
Coffee Certification in East Africa : Impact on Farms, Families and Cooperatives. Ruben, Ruerd. TX415
Coffee art : creative coffee designs for the home barista Tamang, Dhan, author. TX415 .T36 2017
Evaluation of certain food additives : eighty-sixth report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. Meeting Geneva, Switzerland), 2018 : author. (86th : TX553.A3 J655 2018
FOOD SAFETY quality control and management. TX537
Fast liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry methods in food and environmental analysis TX548.2.L55 F37 2015
Feature papers in food chemistry TX541
Fennema's food chemistry TX541 .F65 2017
Flavoromics : an integrated approach to flavor and sensory assessment TX546
Food : the key concepts Belasco, Warren James author. TX353 .B445 2018
Food Composition and Dedicated Databases : Key Tools for Human Health and Public Nutrition TX531
Food Culture of Southeast Asia : Perspectives of Social Science and Food Science. David, Wahyudi. TX353
Food borne viruses and prions and their significance for public health. Smulders, Frans. RA601
Food futures : sensory explorations in food design TX546 .F66 2017
Food futures : sensory explorations in food design TX546 .F66 2017
Food futures in education and society RJ206
Food immunoassay Xu, Chuanlai author. TX549 .X8 2019
Food safety : a roadmap to success Ades, Gary, author. RA601 .A33 2016
Food safety : making foods safe and free from pathogens Agrawal, Renu, author. RA601 .A37 2021
Food safety and inspection : an introduction Smith, Madeleine author. (Madeleine P.), TX531 .S6464 2019
Food safety and quality systems in developing countries. TX537 .F63 2015 v.1
Food safety management : a practical guide for the food industry TX537
Food security and child malnutrition : the impact on health, growth, and well-being RJ206
Food, morals and meaning : the pleasure and anxiety of eating Coveney, John, author. TX357
Foods & nutrition encyclopedia TX349
Game meat hygiene : Food safety and security. Paulsen, P. RA602
Green Products in Food Safety TX601
Handbook of dietary and nutritional aspects of human breast milk. Zibadi, Sherma. RJ216
Health Apps, Genetic Diets and Superfoods : When Biopolitics Meets Neoliberalism Sikka, Tina, 1979- author. TX353
Honey : a global history Long, Lucy M., 1956- author. TX560.H7 L66 2017
Improving breastfeeding rates : evolutionary anthropological insights for public health Emmott, Emily H., author. RJ216
Insects as food and feed : from production to consumption TX388.I5 I56 2017
Interdisciplinary nutritional management and care for older adults : an evidence-based practical guide for nurses TX361.A3 I57 2021
Kitchen essays : with recipes and their occasions Jekyll, Agnes, 1861-1937. TX635 .J45 2008
Let's go shopping : a Grammar tales book to support grammar and language development in children Habib, Jessica, author. TX356
Local : the new face of food and farming in America Gayeton, Douglas. TX355 .G38 2014
Lost feast : culinary extinction and the future of food Newman, Lenore, 1973- author. TX353 .N49 2019
Læring gennem mad og måltider i grundskolen : Teori og Praksis Fra Danmark, Sverige og Norge Cappelen Damm Akademisk, author, issuing body. TX353
Marine Functional Food. Luten, J. B. TX385
Marine Toxins from Harmful Algae and Seafood Safety TX385
Mediterranean foods : composition and processing TX531 .M43 2017
Microplastics in human consumption Ramasami, E., author. TX571
Modern maternities : medical advice about breastfeeding in colonial Calcutta Saha, Ranjana, author. RJ216
Mycotoxins and food safety : recent advances TX531
NSCA's guide to sport and exercise nutrition National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.) TX361.A8 N38 2021
New perspectives on traditional and regional foods. Griffith, Christopher. TX531
On abstinence from killing animals Porphyry, approximately 234-approximately 305, author. TX392 .P8313 2014
Pandemics and innovative food systems TX357
Pediatric food preferences and eating behaviors RJ206 .P361 2018
Professionals in food chains. Springer, Svenja. TX531
Psychology of eating : from biology to culture to policy Rowland, Neil, author. TX357 .R795 2020
Qualities of Food. McMeekin, Andrew. TX353
Rapid sensory profiling techniques and related methods : applications in new product development and consumer research TX546 .R375 2015
Real food fake food : why you don't know what you're eating & what you can do about it Olmsted, Larry, author. TX533 .O46 2016
Research : successful approaches in nutrition and dietetics TX367 .R46 2019
Risk Management Strategies : Monitoring and Surveillance. Smulders, Frans J. M. RA601
Safety Assurance During Food Processing. Smulders, Frans J. M. RA601
Safety evaluation of certain food additives and contaminants Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. Meeting Rome, Italy), 2015 : author. (80th : TX553.A3 J655 2015
Sensory evaluation practices Stone, Herbert. TX546 .S76 1993
Sensory evaluation practices Stone, Herbert. TX546 .S76 2012
Strengthening nutrition action : a resource guide for countries based on the policy recommendations of the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2). Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, author. TX359 .F647 2018
Tasty : the art and science of what we eat McQuaid, John, author. TX631 .M395 2015
Techniques for Food Authentication : Trends and Emerging Approaches TX353
The Dorito effect : the surprising new truth about food and flavor Schatzker, Mark, author. TX370 .S33 2015
The bottle, the breast, and the state : the politics of infant feeding in the United States Rand Oakley, Maureen. RJ216 .R29 2015
The chemistry of fear : Harvey Wiley's fight for pure food Rees, Jonathan, 1966- author. RA601 .R42 2021
The coloniality of modern taste : a critique of gastronomic thought Janer, Zilkia, author. TX631
The curious barista's guide to coffee Stephenson, Tristan, author. TX415 .S74 2019
The fight against hunger and malnutrition : the role of food, agriculture, and targeted policies TX359 .F44 2015
The first 1,000 days : a crucial time for mothers and children--and the world Thurow, Roger, author. RJ216 .T48 2016
The lost supper : searching for the future of food in the flavors of the past Grescoe, Taras, author. TX353
The story of soy Du Bois, Christine M., 1962- author. TX558.S7 D72 2018
The world atlas of coffee : from beans to brewing : coffees explored, explained and enjoyed Hoffmann, James, author. TX415 .H64 2018
Use of hydrocolloids to control food appearance, flavor, texture, and nutrition Nussinovitch, A., author. TX553
Value in Food and Agriculture. Hingley, Martin. TX501
Vegetarianism, meat and modernity in India Fischer, Johan, author. TX392
Wasted! TX357 .W373 2017
Wild food : proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, 2004 TX345 .O94 2004