Nursing New Books

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A COPD Primer. Panos, Ralph. RC776
A Practical Guide on Behaviour Change Support for Self-Managing Chronic Disease. Guerreiro, Mara Pereira. R1
A Test of Morals : Surgical, Ethical, and Psychosocial Considerations in Human Head Transplantation. Furr, L. Allen Auburn University, USA. RD594.12
Adolescent Psychiatry : A Contemporary Perspective for Health Professionals. Sher, Leo. RJ503
Aktuelle Aspekte der Dysphagiediagnostik und Behandlung : Forschungsbeitraege Zu Stoerungen des Schluckens und der Nahrungsaufnahme Bei Erwachsenen und Kindern. Richter, Kerstin. RC815.2
Alternative splicing and cancer RC271
Anglo-Saxon remedies, charms, and prayers from British Library Ms Harley 585 : the Lacnunga R128 .L3312 2001
Annals of Bioethics : Regional Perspectives in Bioethics. Cherry, Mark J. R724
Assessment of quality of life for cancer patients : lessons from a study in a tertiary care hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India Srivastava, Alpana, author. RC279
Atypical Language Development in Romance Languages. Aguilar Mediavilla, Eva. RC423
Authoring autism : on rhetoric and neurological queerness Yergeau, Melanie, 1984- author. RC553.A88 Y474 2018
Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone. Biklen, Douglas. RC553
BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING imaging systems, electric devices, and medical materials. Miyauchi, Akihiro. R856
Banking on Milk : An Ethnography of Donor Human Milk Relations. Cassidy, Tanya. RJ216
Biological Relatives : IVF, Stem Cells, and the Future of Kinship. Franklin, Sarah. RG135
Biological and neurobehavioral studies of borderline personality disorder RC569.5.B67 B56 1994
Body words and the analyst's use of self : transforming the unspeakable in clinical process Pizer, Barbara, author. RC506
Care and covenant : a Jewish bioethic of responsibility Weiner, Jason, author. R725.57 .W46 2022
Care of Adults with Chronic Childhood Conditions A Practical Guide R729.5
Child-centered play therapy : a practical guide to therapeutic relationships with children Cochran, Nancy H., author. RJ505.P6 C63 2023
Chronic Illness, Spirituality, and Healing Diverse Disciplinary, Religious, and Cultural Perspectives R729.5
Clinical manual of child and adolescent psychopharmacology RJ504.7 .C558 2024
Communicating about health : current issues and perspectives DuPré, Athena, author. R118 .D87 2021
Complexities in Colorectal Surgery Decision-Making and Management RD544
Computer vision and AI-integrated IoT technologies in the medical ecosystem R855.3
Controversies in Obesity R1
DIGNITY OF LABOUR? a study of childbearing and induction. Cartwright, Ann. RG736
DSM-5-TR handbook of differential diagnosis First, Michael B., 1956- author. RC473.D54 F57 2024
Decoding delusions : a clinician's guide to working with delusions and other extreme beliefs RC553.D35 D43 2024
Det Komplexa Deltagandet : Praktikgemenskaper, Kunskapsprocesser Och Arbetsmiljöarbete Vid Ett Pappersbruk. Sjöström, John. RC438
Diabetes Management in Clinical Practice R1
Dictionary of Pharmaceutical Medicine Nahler, Gerhard, author. R1
Diet impacts on brain and mind Stevenson, Richard J., author. RC386.2 .S74 2023
Digitizing diagnosis : medicine, minds, and machines in twentieth-century America Lea, Andrew S. 1992- author. (Andrew Scott), RC78.7.D35 L44 2023
Dynamic assessment in practice : clinical and educational applications Haywood, H. Carl, 1931- RJ496.L4 H39 2007
Eating disorder group therapy : a collaborative approach Karoll, Carolyn, author. RC552
Eating disorders in public discourse : exploring media representations and lived experiences RC552.E18 E283 2023
Ecology and prevention of Lyme borreliosis. Braks, Marieta A.H. RC155.5
Emerging adulthood : a psychodynamic approach to the new developmental phase of the 21st century Gilmore, Karen J., 1948- author. RJ503 .G55 2024
Emotionally disturbed : a history of caring for America's troubled children Doroshow, Deborah Blythe, author. RJ501.A2 D676 2019
Environmental Aspects of Zoonotic Diseases. Armon, Robert. RC113.5
Ethische Aspekte der Donogenen Insemination. Fischer, Tobias H.J. RG134
Euripides und die Heilkunde. Moog, Ferdinand Peter. R131
Euthanasia : Experiences and Insights of Belgian Doctors and Nurses. Devos, Timothy. RC271
Extreme Weather Events and Public Health Responses R1
Formulation in Action : Applying Psychological Theory to Clinical Practice. Dawson, David. RC467.95
From loss to memory : behind the discovery of synaptic pruning Huttenlocher, Anna, author. RC339.52.H88 H88 2023
Frühgeborene Kinder in früher außerfamiliärer Tagesbetreuung : Elterliche Wahrnehmung der außerfamiliären Betreuung unter Berücksichtigung gesamtfamiliärer Entwicklungszusammenhänge. Weißbrodt, Anette. RJ250
Group analysis : a modern synthesis Karterud, Sigmund, author. RC488
Guidelines for perioperative practice RD32.3 .G853 2023
Guidelines for perioperative practice Kyle, Erin [ed.] RD32.3 .G853 2024
HEALTHCARE SERVICES IN THE METAVERSE game theory,ai, iot, and blockchain. R858
HIV Mental Health for the 21st Century. Winiarski, Mark G. RC607
Handbook of Dietary and Nutritional Aspects of Bottle Feeding. Preedy, Victor R. RJ216
Handbook of dietary and nutritional aspects of human breast milk. Zibadi, Sherma. RJ216
Handbook of nutrition in heart health. Watson, Ronald R. (Ronald Ross) RC667
Holistic well-being : a paradigm shift : nourish your body, free your mind, awaken your spirit : a practical & balanced approach to nutrition, natural health & holistic living Bryant, Danielle, 1971- author. R733 .B92 2019
Home Treatment for Acute Mental Disorders : An Alternative to Hospitalization. Heath, David S. RC480.6
How to Practice Academic Medicine and Publish from Developing Countries? : A Practical Guide. Nundy, S. R1
IT Für Soziale Inklusion : Digitalisierung - Künstliche Intelligenz - Zukunft Für Alle. Burchardt, Aljoscha. R855.3
Ibn Al-Jazzar on Sexual Diseases. Bos, Gerrit. RC877
Illustrated Manual of Pediatric Dermatology : Diagnosis and Management. Mallory, Susan. RJ511
Innovative Medicine : Basic Research and Development. Nakao, Kazuwa. R850
Innovative treatment approaches in forensic and correctional settings RC451.4
Integrating Everything : The Integrated Practitioner. Amery, Justin. R726.5
Investigation of the Self-organising Behaviour of Laser Implanted Tool Surfaces. Hilgenberg, Kai. RD594
Killer flu RC150.4 .K55 2004
Kinanthropometry IX : Proceedings of the 9th International Conference of the International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry. Marfell-Jones, Mike. RC1235
Krankenhaus-Report 2021 : Versorgungsketten - der Patient Im Mittelpunkt. Klauber, Jürgen. R1
La fisioterapia nella paralisi cerebrale infantile La funzione cammino Borelli, Giulia. author. RC439.5
Madness : race and insanity in a Jim Crow asylum Hylton, Antonia, author. RC445.M28 H95 2024
Madness at the movies : understanding mental illness through film Charney, James, 1946- author. RC454.4 .C43 2023
Magnesium alloys for biomedical applications : advances and challenges R857
Mastering competencies in family therapy : a practical approach to theory and clinical case documentation Gehart, Diane R., 1969- author. RC488.5 .G4185 2024
Medical Imaging in Clinical Trials R1
Medical writings from early medieval England R128.6 .M435 2023
Medizinische Gutachten des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts : Sprachhistorische Untersuchungen Zu Einer Textsortenklasse. Lindner, Bettina. R118.6
Mental health, racism, and contemporary challenges of being Black in America RC451.5.B53 M46 2024
Mothers, midwives, and reproductive labor in interwar and wartime Britain Dawson, Sandra Trudgen, author. RG518.G7 D39 2024
My father's brain : life in the shadow of Alzheimer's Jauhar, Sandeep, 1968- author. RC523 .J384 2023
Neue Forschungen zur Medizingeschichte : Beiträge des „Rheinischen Kreises der Medizinhistoriker“. Schmidt, Mathias. R131
Non-Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants : A Concise Guide. Shantsila, Eduard. R1
Nutzen der Labormedizin in der Schweiz. Schlander, Michael. R1
Obesity During Pregnancy in Clinical Practice R1
PCIT : parent-child interaction therapy protocol : 2011 Eyberg, Sheila M., author. RJ505.P37 E93 2016
Pflege-Report 2018 : Qualität in der Pflege. Jacobs, Klaus. RT81.5
Principles of psychological assessment : with applied examples in R Petersen, Isaac T., author. RC469
Proceedings of the 13th Annual Scientific Conference of Medical Faculty, Universitas Jenderal Achmad Yani (ASCMF 2022). Kumala, Yudith Yunia. R1
Proceedings of the 1st International Conference for Health Research - BRIN (ICHR 2022). Nurlaila, Ika. R1
Proceedings of the 1st World Conference on Health and Social Science (WCHSS 2022). Suraya, Anna. R1
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Cardiovascular Diseases (ICCvD 2021). Nurdiyanto, Heri. R1
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference Current Breakthrough in Pharmacy (ICB-Pharma 2022). Sri Wahyuni, Arifah. R1
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Health Polytechnic Surabaya (ICoHPS 2023). Triwiyanto, Triwiyanto. R1
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Medical Technology (ICoMTech 2021). Syamsuriansyah, Syamsuriansyah. R1
Proceedings of the International Conference of Medical and Life Science (ICoMELISA 2021). Yueniwati, Yuyun. R1
Proceedings of the Youth International Conference for Global Health 2022 (YICGH 2022). Firdaus, Sunny Ummul. R1
Professional issues and ethics in physical therapy : a case-based approach Kirsch, Nancy R., author. R725.5 .K57 2024
Psychiatric nursing : contemporary practice Boyd, Mary Ann, author. RC440 .P749 2022
Psychiatry disrupted : theorizing resistance and crafting the (r)evolution RC437.5 .P79 2014
Psychosis and schizophrenia in Hong Kong : navigating clinical and cultural crossroads Chen, Eric Yu-hai, author. RC512
Quo Vadis, Medicus? : Health Behaviour among Health Professionals and Students. Laudańska-Krzemińska, Ida. RC965
Resource manual for nursing research : generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice Polit, Denise F., author. RT81.5 .P64 2021
Robotic Surgery of Colon and Rectum. Ceccarelli, Graziano. RD544
Routledge handbook of poetry and medicine RC489
SLOW GROWS THE CHILD psychosocial aspects of growth delay. RJ135
Schizophrenia : a practical primer Keshavan, Matcheri S., 1953- author. RC514
Searching for a rose garden : challenging psychiatry, fostering mad studies RC437.5 .S43 2016
Self-Assembled Molecules - New Kind of Protein Ligands : Supramolecular Ligands. Roterman, Irena. R850
Self-Directed Learner - the Three Pillar Model of Self-Directedness : The Three Pillar Model for Developing Self-Directedness. Gavriel, Jennifer. R735
Sensory healing after developmental trauma : the connected therapist's guide to low-cost activities for working with children Smith, Marti, 1970- author. RJ506
Sickle cell disease in Sub-Saharan Africa, biomedical perspectives RC641.7
Stem cell and tissue engineering : bone, cartilage and associated joint tissue defects Pramanik, Krishna, author. R857
Study guide to child and adolescent psychiatry : a companion to Dulcan's Textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry, third edition RJ499 .D8432 2023
Success in Academic Surgery: Basic Science R1
Sven Effert (1922 – 2000) – Leben und Werk. Weber, Maren Friederike. RC683.5
TRANSGENERATIONAL TRAUMA a contemporary introduction. Salberg, Jill. RC552
Talking points on deprescribing in hospice care Shrivastava, Deepak, author. RT87
Textbook of Cortical Brain Stimulation. Canavero, Sergio. RC332
The I of the Storm : Understanding the Suicidal Mind. Lester, David. RC569
The Languages of COVID-19 : Translational and Multilingual Perspectives on Global Healthcare. Blumczynski, Piotr. R119.5
The Poetry of du Fu. Owen, Stephen. RJ486
The art of psychotherapy Holmes, Jeremy, 1943- author. RC480
The cancer journals Lorde, Audre, author. RC280.B8 L58 2020
The deepest well : healing the long-term effects of childhood trauma and adversity Burke Harris, Nadine, 1975- author. RJ506.P66 B87 2021
The first resort : the history of social psychiatry in the United States Smith, Matthew, 1973- author. RC455 .S594 2023
The grant application writer's workbook. Robertson, John D. (Grantwriting instructor), author. R853.P75 R63 2023
The malleable body : surgeons, artisans, and amputees in early modern Germany Hausse, Heidi, author. RD553 .H38 2023
The power of teamwork : how we can all work better together Goldman, Brian, author. R729.5.H4 G65 2022
The role of companion animals in the treatment of mental disorders RC489.P47 R65 2023
Understanding Statistics and Experimental Design : How to Not Lie with Statistics. Herzog, Michael H. R850
Understanding mental disorders : your guide to DSM-5-TR RC467 .U57 2024
Unlocking the emotional brain : memory reconsolidation and the psychotherapy of transformational change RC489
Vadstena Krigsmanshus : En Studie Av Den Svenska Kronans Inrättning För Sårade Och Gamla Soldater Cirka 1640-1780. Petersson, Erik. RC971
Vernunft Als Therapie und Krankheit : Zur Geschichte Medizinischer Denkfiguren in der Philosophie. Nohr, Olaf. R131
Violence and mental disorder : developments in risk assessment RC569.5.V55 V54 1994
When breath becomes air Kalanithi, Paul, author. RC280.L8 K35 2016
White Paper on Joint Replacement : Status of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Care in Germany. Bless, H.-H. (Hans-Holger) R1
Working with dreams in transactional analysis : from theory to practice for individuals and groups Tangolo, Anna Emanuela, author. RC489